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I’ve been wanting to use the pig tail that comes with my Tarsacci but at the same time I wanted the new Sun Ray Pro Gold headphones to go with it. I just like being able to unplug from my Tarsacci anytime I want. The headphones have a universal plug that the 1/4” screws down over the 1/8” making it two plugs in one so to say. It also has a volume control for each ear that helps me a lot being the hearing in my right ear is not as good as the other.

If you’re wondering why it’s called a pig tail because it’s short like one.


One important thing you need to do is anchor the pig tail down to the shaft so not to be pulling directly on it . If you don’t it’s going to take a beating and not last long at all.

 You can see in the picture below how I fixed that .The last picture as you can see is with the headphones plugged in.


PS The headphones came from Rob’s detectors .




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That's a good set up.

I have rigged my MDT 8000 similarly but with the Garrett Z Link & Killer B's Hornet headphones. The larger ear cups are nice and it also has the 1/4 to 1/8 screw off adapter. If I need to, I can plug them in directly to the pig tail. The sound quality for me is improved, especially the Disc audio.

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I have a setup similar to JCR. I have the Z Link system, but have the Garrett headphones too. Made the machine a touch heavier, but when I moved the wireless router to just below the arm rest, it balanced things out nicely. Just not into wired headphones...

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The MS 3 headphones are very good. I just find the 150 ohm headphones to give a brighter, more distinct tone. I keep the receiver pod in my right shirt pocket. 

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The ties I used to anchor the pig tail on my Tarsacci can be bought at Harbor Fright and they great for holding coil cable to the shaft.

 You can see what tries look like and you can get them smaller if you wish. The second picture is just to show them holding the cable to the shaft and how I like to run the cable up the shaft.




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      i found a bunch of Gold ring s white gold , yellow gold ,small and large, from 12k to 14 k on the tarsacci i got a lot of bouncing around on the numbers in 6.5khz and almost non at 18khz most of the rings come in at 04--05-06-07-08 anyone noticed that as well ?
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      I was experimenting with Dan(MN)'s mod of mounting the WM-08 to a pair of good quality wired headphones, which works really well. I read the Equinox manual section about the WM 08 and saw that its latency is only 17ms whereas Low Latency Bluetooth is 40ms and normal Bluetooth is up to 100ms.
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