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Gpx-6000 Body Cover Kits In Stock

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Yes those really cool matching color (blue) 5 piece body cover kits ($130) are now in stock and ready to protect your new GPX-6000 detector investment.  If you want to order it with a new detector at the same time, I can do that as well.  Call Gerry's Detectors in Boise, Idaho and I'll get you taken care of.

People ask me all the time, why spend $100 on a detector body cover kit when the detector comes with warranty.  Great question and one that needs to be answered.  You don't need to purchase or use one.  You can just as easily use the detector without one.  But I promise you down the road when you go to sell the GPX-6000 or trade it in to me for the new GPX-6000D (discriminator model), you'll get more money for your trade in.

Think of it like this.  You go to buy a used car and the 1st thing most of us look at is outside body condition (1st impression).  Or you go to trade in your truck for a new one, you spend days cleaning your old truck trying to make it look as good as possible. Why.  So you can get top trade in dollar.  With this new body cover kit, all you'll be doing is wiping off a little dust and the actual detector body and LCD will be pristine condition and that's the most important thing.  I call it cheap insurance on a high end detector.

Yes I am one of the few original Minelab dealers who has been using/selling detectors for 25+ yrs.  







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    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
         I have a used Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector, all stock accessories plus the original shipping box.  The unit was purchased from me originally, customer sold to a friend, which traded it back in for a GPX 6000.  This unit is in great condition, has Doc's Control Box Cover, extra H/D skidplate and such.  
      I'm asking $4800 firm, including shipping anywhere in the US, or local pickup in Arizona can be arranged.  The unit has been checked out and in great working condition. 
      Contact us at -
      Rob's Detector Sales
      623-362-1459 office
      602-909-9008 cell or text
      rob@robsdetectors.com - email
      First come first serve on this unit, can't hold for anyone beyond a day or so with a small deposit.  This unit new is $8000.  
    • By Bryan
      Alaska Mining & Diving Supply (AMDS) is a dealer for the Minelab GPX 6000 detector.
      I'm the new mining manager at AMDS, and would love to hear from you!  As a recently retired veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, I fully support my fellow service members, and we here at AMDS honor the 15% military discount offered by Minelab. 
      Be safe out there and have a great season!
      Minelab GPX 6000 at Alaska Mining & Diving
      Bryan Alexander
      Mining and Power Equipment Manager
      Alaska Mining and Diving
      Anchorage, AK 99501
    • By steveg
      Hi all!

      This post is to consolidate all of the prior posts I've made, regarding the different products offered through Steve's Detector Rods (www.stevesdetectorrods.com).

      At Steve's, we offer hand-built carbon-fiber rods and shafts, with an "old-fashioned" focus on both product quality/attention to detail, and top-notch customer service.  We offer our rods and shafts for an ever-increasing number of detectors, in traditional black carbon-fiber -- and also (for some models) an array of different colored carbon-fiber tubes.  Along with "standard" shaft configurations, we also offer the ability to custom-build -- a service that allows us to design and produce shafts in many different configuration and length options, to meet whatever specific/particular needs you may have.  We also offer our unique, optional counterweighting system, that balances out nose-heavy machines such as the Minelab Equinox, making them more comfortable to swing.

      At this time, we routinely offer rods, and/or shafts, for the following machines (with shafts for some other machines also available as custom offerings, by request)...

      Minelab Equinox -- lower rods, two-piece complete shafts, and three-piece travel shafts, in various lengths and colors, with and without the optional counterweight system
      Minelab CTX 3030 -- lower rods, in various lengths and colors
      Minelab GPX 4500 -- lower rods, in black
      Minelab GPX 6000 -- lower rods, in black
      Minelab Excalibur -- complete, three-piece "Florida-style" shafts (control box and battery pod mounted on a short shaft section to the rear of the arm cuff)
      Minelab Sovereign -- complete, two- or three-piece shafts, for "hip-mount" configuration
      Garrett AT-series/Ace/Apex -- two-piece lower shafts (and soon, three-piece complete shafts), in various colors
      Tarsacci MDT8000 -- two-piece lower shafts, in various lengths

      We also offer premium-quality, heavy-duty sand scoop handles for several scoop brands (and can custom-build for other brands of scoops as well).  At this time, we routinely offer scoop handles for the following scoops...

      Finally, we offer an assortment of other items, including Jeff Herke arm cuffs, "Steve's Detector Rods" ball caps and t-shirts, and of course rod/shaft parts (including our heavy-duty cam locks, which can also be used to retrofit other detector models including the Fisher AQ Impulse).  If you would like more information, pictures, specs, and pricing information, or have other questions, feel free to visit our website, our Facebook business page, or send an email to steve@stevesdetectorrods.com.  We are always happy to serve!



    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
         I have a bunch of demo, like new items for sale.  Trying to clear out some items and get them into your hands for a great price.  
      (1) White's 24K Metal Detector - Used twice in the field - $500 shipped.  
      (1) Fisher Gold Bug 2 with 10" Searchcoil, Demo Unit, never used in field, Display only - Original version - $500 shipped.
      (1) Makro Racer Pro Package - Demo Unit, never used in field, Display only - $500 shipped 
      (1) Makro Gold Racer - Demo Unit, never used in field - Display only - $500 shipped 
      (1) Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector, Used, good condition, all stock accessories - $5500 shipped 
      You will happy with any of these units, great prices! 
      Contact me at -
      (623) 362-1459 or (602) 909-9008 cell or text.  Email me at - rob@robsdetectors.com 
      Ask for Rob.
    • By kac
      Finally got a break in the weather so I didn't melt my face off welding and running my forge and made a few more diggers. Made a few improvements and got them bit stronger and lighter (10 3/4 oz.).
      $45 shipped lower 48 ea. PM if interested and don't post your names and addresses in the open forum.

    • By Rob Allison
      For Sale - Used Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector with stock accessories   Asking $5000 firm shipped with the the US. Local Pickup in Arizona available. Unit will sell quickly at this price, first come first serve on this detector. New price on this unit is $8000. We can accept any major credit card (shipped to billing address only), Paypal, Cashier's Check, US Money Order or Wire/Bank transfer.   Here are some pictures below. Contact us at - 602-909-9008 cell or text 623-362-1459 office line rob@robsdetectors.com - email   The GPZ 7000 is "King of all Gold Detectors." This unit has superior depth and mineral ability in the most mineralized goldfield of the World. We also offer a 30 day warranty from date of purchase.

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