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My New Garrett 24k Initial Impressions And Quick Tests

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It normally wouldn't matter, for someone in the US buying the detector the dealer would have covers and they'd add one to their purchase at the time and they cost next to nothing, I was so keen to get one I had it sent from the USA and didn't think about covers at the time, and I'm very glad I did as it's rapidly become my favourite Gold VLF.   The local dealer I'm sure at the time when they stock the detector will have coil covers and it would be no big deal for someone buying it then.  It's more my fault than anything for not thinking about it 🙂

The Aussies haven't been able to sort out the customs issue yet, and don't know if customs has destroyed the parcel, they're waiting to find out as Australia Post has now opened an investigation into the case to see what has happened.

The Serious Detecting package is on it's way so that's a good start, they didn't have a 10x6" cover but they had the 6" Whites coil and a cover for that, and when Garrett comes out with a 6" coil I'll order that too and just buy a cover for the 10x6" at the time as I am sure the Garrett coil will have improvements over the Whites, I want to buy every coil they make for it. 

The scratches on it are purely cosmetic and just look worse than they are due to it being a glossy black surface, I'm just fussy with this sort of thing but I'm sure the coil is tough enough to take it, many brands of aftermarket coil say you don't even need a coil cover, maybe the Garrett survives fine without one.   In fact my two Ace detectors don't have one, and I'd never even noticed and I've put those coils through their paces 🙂

I'm actually quite surprised how sensitive the 10x6" coil is, I only used the 10x5" on the Gold Monster a few times and put it away never to be used again and stuck with using the 5".   The 10x6" is doing remarkably well on my small gold tests, exceeded my expectations on that and it's absolutely not bump sensitive even at highest gain with the SAT off.  Running with the SAT off is working well here.

You'll see how much I like the detector by how much effort I'm going to for it, it's a fantastic detector.  Quite a few detectors I've bought and used them for a few days to try them out then put them in the cupboard only ever to be seen again if I want to compare their performance to another detector, not this one, this is becoming my primary gold VLF and I am genuinely very impressed by it.  I haven't even read the manual yet, I just used Steve's videos to get an idea and off I went.  It's really easy to use. 

I'm under some Covid restrictions at the moment where I can't leave my region into the next, and the next region is where the gold is, even though it's only an hours drive away I'm not legally allowed to drive there.   That's expected to end in under a week and I'll be off like a kid to a candy store to find my first 24k gold!  I'm itching to go. 🙂


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   Good on you Simon,

   I'm glad your having a good time with it! I'm genuinely happy for Garrett, to have a second detector out that is getting great reviews! And the Apex seems to be finally finding some fans here!

    One of these days, I want to see a picture or two of your detector cupboard! It must be quite full by now!🤣

    Can't wait to see your gold finding results with it! But in the meantime, there is still all that silver around for you to pass the time until then, with your armada of detectors! Poor baby!!🤣👍👍

Good Luck, my friend!🍀


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4 minutes ago, Cascade Steven said:

Phrunt:  Thanks for the update.  I'm really looking forward to your next update from the gold fields.🙂

Thanks, so I am, it's painful looking at the detector knowing I'm not allowed to drive only an hour away to use it.... so all I can do is play with it around my local area where there is no gold to be found. 🙂 

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Simon, sorry to hear of your dilemma. But, when you get the six inch coil you will absolutely love it. Probably 98% my White's Electronics 24K customers bought both coils at the time of purchase. Probably 98% of them exclusively use the 6 in. It is really awesome in cramped, rocky areas. If you have an online subscription to Western and Eastern Treasures magazine, check out the  October 2018 issue for my field test report. You can see some of the really tiny nuggets the 24k is capable of finding. HH Jim

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1 hour ago, phrunt said:

Thanks, so I am, it's painful looking at the detector knowing I'm not allowed to drive only an hour away to use it.... so all I can do is play with it around my local area where there is no gold to be found. 🙂 

Do you have gold in your creek and do you fly fish it for trout.

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25 minutes ago, Jim McCulloch said:

Simon, sorry to hear of your dilemma. But, when you get the six inch coil you will absolutely love it. Probably 98% my White's Electronics 24K customers bought both coils at the time of purchase. Probably 98% of them exclusively use the 6 in. It is really awesome in cramped, rocky areas. If you have an online subscription to Western and Eastern Treasures magazine, check out the  October 2018 issue for my field test report. You can see some of the really tiny nuggets the 24k is capable of finding. HH Jim

Whats  the smallest nugget  you found with it?Is the 4by6  coil more sensitive then the  6'' coil  for surface gold in mild ground? My 4by 6 coil  gives me  plenty of false signals and drifts a lot so I think I have a bad coil. My 6''coil is very stable.

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Great review Simon…….I’d love to send you a few cubic metres of hot ironstone so you could build a test bed for me. I’ve got access to several trillion tonnes at short notice 👍 If possible, could you PM me where you purchased your 24K from (assuming you are happy to do so). I’ve got the MX7 so same size housing and battery tray.

Also, Australian Customs have no involvement in any parcels stopped. Australia Post security initiate this when screening exports but the system shows a “Customs” status. 

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10 hours ago, Tony said:

I’d love to send you a few cubic metres of hot ironstone so you could build a test bed for me.

Unfortunately this would not be possible, if you've even flown across to NZ you'd know how strict they are about Australian soil, for some reason you're not allowed any at all on your shoes, they actually check your shoes for dirt, even shoes in your suitcase and If there is any you can't get through customs with them and they take them away to clean them.  If you have a tent or anything in your luggage they have to check that too.  There must be something in the soil they don't like.

The dealer in OZ contacted Australia post and looks to have solved the problem, after being rejected by customs it left the airport, went out into a post office in a suburb in Brisbane now it's back at the airport and awaiting departure!

Big Boys Hobbies still has the Garrett 24k in stock.  I'm not sure if they'd ship to Australia.  Garrett assisted me in getting one directly from them as the NZ dealer wasn't going to be stocking them in the near future.  I'm sure the Aussie dealers will get them a lot quicker being a bigger market.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, after being rejected by customs twice in Australia before even departing the country as "dangerous goods" and the poor dealer in OZ having to spend hours on the phone to Australia Post my Whites 6" coil arrived!  I should say a big thanks to Justin at Lost Treasures in Brisbane Australia, my old stomping ground for helping me get this coil, he really went out of his way to help me.

The good news is the White's coil cover fits the Garrett 10x6" Coil perfectly!  I took a bit of a gamble getting a Whites coil cover for my Garrett coil seeing I was ordering the Whites coil anyway so the dealer could slip it in the same package.



A nice snug fit.  At first I didn't think it was going to fit as it was quite hard to get on, but once on it was locked on tight 🙂  So if anyones considering getting a Garrett 24 (I would be) and sees some dealer clearing out old Whites 24k coil covers, grab some!

A design feature that may go unnoticed is the tapered edge on the 10x6" coil which you can see in the photos above, it'll help it glide over small stones when being scrubbed on the ground with less impact.  I like that.

It's quite funny as my 10x6" is a black coil with a White cover..... and my new Whites 6" coil is a white coil with a black cover 😛  I still have another of these 6" Whites coils coming from the US, it's currently in Erlanger, Kentucky.... I'm kinda hoping that's where KFC came from! 🙂


I've taken the 6" for a quick test run and really like it, sensitive little sucker and runs nice and smooth although I think that's the norm for the 24k, it's such a smooth running detector.

The little 6" is a bit bigger than I expected, not quite 6" it seems but still, small enough, and I'll be getting the Nel Snake coil when it's released as my tiny coil anyway, this 6" size is still a good one with reasonable ground coverage for a smaller coil.

It's noticeably bigger than the Equinox 6"


I can't wait for Garrett to come out with their 6" coil, I'll be ordering it straight away as I think it's going to be the most used coil for the detector, with the Snake being the specialty coil.  The 24k has taken over as my primary gold prospecting VLF from my GM which I retired to use my Equinox and now the 24k.    I never really took to the GB2, sure it had the sensitivity I desire I just found it fiddly and missed having Target ID's.  The GB2 also was terrible with it's recovery speed or something, put a hot rock near a bit of gold and the blanking out of the hot rock in disc or even just the sound response on the hot rock made it completely miss the bit of gold.  This isn't apparent on the GM, Nox and 24k and as many of my areas have a lot of hot rocks the GB2 just didn't cut it, they'd need to release a modern version of it for me to show interest in using it much, and well... we saw what happened there.

I have yet to go to the gold prospecting areas with my 24k as my area in NZ had it's first Covid lockdown since March last year right as my 24k arrived, we've come out of that now so I'll take off for a gold detect in the next few days and be the first in NZ to find gold with the Garrett 24k 🙂 A title I'll wear proudly. 

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    • By karelian
      As time goes on I  hope to see more videos of the Garrett 24k used all over the world. The 24k does seem to impress those who have used it. We can never have too much choice when it comes to machines. As good as the new GPX 6000 is on small gold I still believe there is room for a good VLF in the arsenal. All the best.
    • By Bohemia Miner
      I was thinking about buying one of these because I need a light-weight water-proof PI for Serpentine Bedrock in streams.
      Steve already gave me his opinion.  While I GREATLY respect his expertise, I'd like to get a few more opinions from the rest of you Gurus.  😁
    • By mn90403
      What is the best way to get a 24k? (or any other Garrett Detector?)
    • By phrunt
      We've been in a bit of a Covid lock-down recently and during that time my Garrett 24k arrived so I wasn't able to use it in the gold fields straight away, it was quite painful to look at it knowing I can't go and use it, fortunately we came out of our lock-down and as took off for a prospect with the 24k as soon as I could.
      I ordered a White's 6" concentric coil for it to tie me over until Garrett and with any luck Nel come out with other coils for it, I hope they continue with the 6" Concentric as I'll buy a Garrett 6" Concentric as soon as they release it. It's a remarkably sensitive coil, I expected it to be less sensitive than it is as it's quite big however it surprised me and matches or exceeds smaller coils on other high frequency gold detectors.    I've always been happy with Garrett coil quality so upgrading the Whites to a Garrett would be worthwhile I think.  In saying that, neither the 10x6" Garrett coil or the Whites 6" coil were at all bump sensitive, not one bump noise the entire day.  I'm so used to coil bump sensitivity from the Equinox and Gold Monster it was a rather pleasurable experience being able to scrub the coil on the ground like mad and bump it around not setting off the detector, giving me a distinct advantage over using bump sensitive coils. 
      I started the day using the 10x6" Coil as I wanted to see how it goes and I was going back to a spot I'd found a fair few grams of gold in the past, about 30 or more nuggets using the scrape and detect method taking off layers of soil at a time and detecting it.  The initial nugget which was just under half a gram and a fair few more were found using my GPZ including a 4.2 gram nugget and then I brought in the Equinox with 6" coil to clean up as a majority of the nuggets were very small and the VLF's tend to do better cleaning up these very small nuggets.  I'd even gone over this little scrape and detect area with the Gold Bug 2 however it was a bit of a nightmare as the area is absolutely full of hot rocks and the Gold Bug 2 in heavy hot rocks isn't a good detector in my opinion, it's too busy making it's response noise to the hot rocks to worry about the bits of gold next to the hot rocks so you miss nuggets if they're near hot rocks.  The problem is this spot is loaded with hot rocks all through the soil of various shapes and sizes mostly a green type of schist that is all crumbly and broken up and detectors love to sound off on it.  It's likely there from the old timers, it's basically some old workings where the old timers left their rock pile in a little gully, and right on the lower downhill side of the rock pile was my little scrape and detect patch.   Even the GPZ struggled with all of the hot rocks so I was quite pleased how the 24k was coping with them, sure it was sounding off on some of them too but it wasn't too troublesome and seemed to ignore the little broken up bits and very usable.
      I ran the 24k with the sensitivity maxed out, Sat on the middle setting and audio on Boost 2.  The ground balance was quick and easy then I switched into the Locked balance mode.  If the broken up schist bits of hot rock were too severe I left it in tracking which helped to knock them out.    I gave the 6" Concentric coil a quick try and it struggled more with the hot rocks and i didn't want to lower my sensitivity down so I reverted back to the DD which appeared to handle them better and is still remarkably sensitive.

      So I just started scraping back layers and detecting taking about 2 inches off at a time knowing the gold here is likely going to be very small and it will be stuff I've missed in the past as I've scraped this spot out before and back filled it so I was essentially checking the same soil all over again for anything I missed.  I had high hopes I had missed some as all it would take is a small hot rock to be sitting on top of the bit of gold the previous time and I'd likely miss it or just the bit of gold on it's side being a very thin one or any number of reasons, even just at a depth too deep for the size of gold with the detector I was using.
      It wasn't long and I had my first piece.

      Quite a decent size one too, I was baffled at the time why I'd missed this one in the past.  The 24k had now found it's first gold, highly likely the first piece of gold found in New Zealand with the Garrett 24k, a badge I'll wear proudly. 🙂

      Next up was a reasonably faint but very repeatable signal with no target ID showing, I delicately used my scoop to scrape soil away knowing this was likely a very small bit of gold and it sure was... my smallest bit of the day too and surprised I managed to find it with the 10x6" coil, I don't recall ever finding a bit this small using the 10x5" type size on other detectors.

      Can you spot it? 🙂

      There it is!

      0.007 of a gram, not bad for the 10x6" coil, especially in this hot rock infested ground.
      I always check targets in case they're odd little bits of metal with my pick magnet, and you'll see it was quick to build up black sand, this soil has plenty of it in it.

      I kept scraping down layers and found another.

      Quite small too... but a bit more meat on it than the previous one 🙂

      I'd had enough of the scrape and detect spot by now and wanted to go explore a bit to see how the 24k performed for general detecting so I walked for about 10 minutes to another spot I'd found some gold in the past and detected for about an hour digging plenty of shotgun pellets, completely normal in this area as there is a rabbit plague that causes countless thousands of shotgun pellets to be distributed all over the place for me to clean up 🙂  I didn't have high hopes as myself and a friend (JW) have absolutely thrashed this area but it's always possible to miss gold when there is so many pellets.  We generally scrape a few times and if the signal persists dig it, if it moves after the first scrapes ignore it thinking it's very likely a pellet.
      A few pictures of the sort of terrain I was detecting.

      My batteries went down to 2 bars quite quickly, within an hour.   I assume as they're rechargeable and run at 1.2 volts instead of 1.5 volts for standard AA's but it stayed at the two bars for the entire day so still plenty of life left in them yet by the looks of it.

      Pretty wild rocky terrain and only really suitable for smaller coils.

      The GPZ with it's stock coil is terrible here, the smaller the coil the better in general.
      I did manage to find a piece though, after a lot of pellet digs 🙂

      Not a bad size bit for the area too

      I now decided I'd put the Whites 6" Concentric coil on and give it another go as this area doesn't have near as many hot rocks as my scrape and detect spot.
      I found a bit of raised bedrock and had a signal that persisted down into the schist.  At this point it almost had to be gold so I started filming.
      And it was gold 🙂

      I had to break up the schist to get it out.

      A nice little piece too, a roundish flat one.

      This area has plenty of black sand too, this was my pick after checking that bedrock in case it was a steel shotgun pellet.

      It was getting near time to go get some dinner and I was pretty satisfied to even get one nugget in this area but I kept going a little while longer and it paid off.  I like the bulls eye sight on the 6" coil, it really is the hot spot too, great for pinpointing.

      I had a signal that persisted down into the gravels on the bedrock.

      And got this one!

      It's hard to tell the depth in the photo but it was a reasonable depth.  A few inches anyway.

      And that was it for the day, I was starving!
      So, do I like the 24K? You're damn right I do, it certainly exceeded my expectations and will now be my primary VLF gold detector replacing my Equinox which replaced my Gold Monster, and the Gold Bug 2 was just not for me, I didn't gel with it at all especially with the masking from hot rocks.  I look forward to getting more coils for the 24k, especially smaller ones, and judging by how well it handled the hot rocks I wouldn't mind a larger size coil for ground coverage too.

      The total for the day.  Very happy with the results.
    • By karelian
      Only a matter of time before these start to ship out in Australia. Full credit to Garrett for doing a better job in marketing and sales, they are moving fast. Now available for sale in Australia.
    • By ☠ Cipher
      Garrett often takes a bit of criticism for having the GTI-2500 in its lineup after so many years, particularly at the top, but I have a short list of detectors I still want to own before I consider myself satisfied that I’ve got all my bases covered. This is one of them and I’ll tell you why. It’s not so much because of what it is as a standalone hobby detector, though there may be some uses there as well. I’m looking at it because it appears to be the best option as an affordable two-box detector for larger, deeper objects and voids for which I have no unit so far. There are many people who don’t realize it’s convertible. Not only that, it seems to be the only affordable two-box detector with a disc circuit. The competition in its class doesn’t have that. My questions are, does anyone own one? Does the disc carry over to the two box setup? Even if the disc is not especially useful for that application it still seems the best option for the money. I realize most people who buy two boxes for treasure hunting don’t usually end up using them or using them long, but for my area, I’m looking for a keeper with many key spots in mind. 

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