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VLF Frequencies For Bigger Gold ?


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10 hours ago, karelian said:

Tony I have managed to run the MXT in awful ground, the key for me has been the smaller 6x4 DD Shooter coil combined with lowering the gain. Just lower the gain until the machine is stable.  In trash I use audio disc, zip vs grunt. Start by digging everything and getting an idea of the type of rubbish in the area.  Some areas have few if any bullets, pull tabs or other modern junk. Sometimes rusty iron, old tin cans, rusty tools or even metal gold pans dominate. After digging everything in trashy sites I'll go hard with disc if modern trash dominates or continue to dig everything  if 'old' trash or 'relics' are present.

In gold country the 6x4 DD is my go to coil with the MXT. Great for crevicing and bedrock. Your MX7 with a small DD should give you an idea of what is possible. Some good advice on this thread, no need for another machine, just mount a small DD coil.

Tony what coils do you have for your MX7?





For the MX7, I’ve got the stock 950 but also the flat bottomed 6” Concentric coil…….I’m going to try out that combination and see how it performs. The MX7 is an absolute powerhouse little machine and an absolute credit to White’s…..not many tried this machine but those that did really sang its praises. Thanks for the information. 👍

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The old XT18000 in 20 kHz with the optional 11" round coil went pretty deep on .22 lead size targets. 

The 19 kHz Fors Gold+ had good punch as well. I always wished there was a slightly bigger round coil for it, but probably a very limited market these days. 

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Mxt Pro is after the correct setting / in the video / my deepest Vlf detector for targets of the type 1gram of gold .. in heavily mineralized terrain Golden Forest ... 6-7 bar Fe3O4 / magnetite / ..
If you have even more mineralization than 7bar ... then you can reduce Gain to the level of stable detection ...

Program Prospecting...and Iron Grunt -ON...so you have a certain form of iron discrimination
Hyper-Sat does a good job of eliminating the signal from hot rock and difficult terrain ....without Hypersat you will not get so good results ..
Set the Threshold to a minimum of .... and Adjust the detection stability by setting Gain ...

While many Top Detectors achieve good results on targets at a depth of 6 "/15cm/..for targets at a depth of 8"-20cm / 1gram of gold / ...and 9"-23cm depth /4.6gram of silver coins / ..from they do not have enough reach .... or can no longer work stably in such terrain at a higher set sensitivity ...

If it were the best separation between the iron .. for targets of 5 grams..on milder terrain, then I might use another detector with Mix mode on a 7 "coil ... which separates perfectly ...

But that's a different story ... that I sometimes tell....

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I found a aluminum pull tab ring over a foot and a half deep in a dry river bed with my Nox and the standard 11” coil in park mode. That’s pretty good sensitivity, and I am sure it was due to the coarse non-salty dry sand.

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