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GPX 6k 17" Coils Available

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I just talked to the guy at Colonial Detectors back east.  His distributor sent him a message that the 17" coils had arrived and were shipping this week.  I'm not sure how that affects all the dealers, but at least he had some.  

Minelab GPX17 17″ Mono Coil part # 3011-0427 US$369.00

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22 minutes ago, beatup said:

maybe you will have a full arsenal of coils with you in sunny yuma this winter ? 

I need a bigger truck to carry all this stuff.  GPZ + 4 coils, GPX+3 coils, NOX + 2 coils.  I'm detector rich and cash poor.  

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7 hours ago, vanursepaul said:

are they .....40% deeper????


I need help--- just cant let it go ...lolol

Aye they are 40% deeper and you do......... 🤪

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I'm glad to see these shipping in quantity. I was honestly afraid it was going to be a next year sort of thing, and this is the coil that stays on my GPX 6000 for nugget detecting unless it's tight spaces (11") or extreme salt/EMI (14" DD). It's just so light for it's size, and hardly gives up anything on tiny gold, while offering assurance of deeper punch on larger gold in our milder soils. Anyway, I'm really happy people are going to be able to get these now instead of later. You are really going to like this coil!

Spare lower rods here


Why so light? Hollowed out underside!


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15 hours ago, Rob Allison said:

Hey Condor,

  We still have a few left in stock, but selling quickly.



Damn Rob,

I wish you had let us know.  I ended up going out of our circle of dealers because of an internet ad that showed them in stock on the east coast.  Oops, sorry man.

15 hours ago, Rob Allison said:

Hey Condor,

  We still have a few left in stock, but selling quickly.



because I thought the coils were

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