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3rd Party Charging Clips Any Good?


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I literally just received a 3D printed charging clip from Detecting Doodads in the US, as I have gone through several XP clips in the past.  Will give a report on ease of use, fitment etc. before heading out this weekend.


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Tried out the new charging clip and it works a charm, easy to clip on the HF coil (unlike the XP clip), and also easy to remove without putting clip under any stress.  So far, so good.  






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2 hours ago, Goldpick said:

Tried out the new charging clip and it works a charm, easy to clip on the HF coil (unlike the XP clip), and also easy to remove without putting clip under any stress.  So far, so good.  


Great idea , I dont like the XP charging clip design which is often a source of troubles ; they are fragile , sometimes they dont work.... This new one looks much simpler and better thx

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i was having trouble with my charging clip and whan i changed the deus charging cable it works ok ,the deus cable assembly was faulty for some reason ..panic over

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Yes I had this faulty cable issue , hopefully only once during 8 years using the Deus  ... 🙂

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my coil cover is bent out of shape so the 3d printed wont work so back to the xp clip which just about works

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    • By sturt
      Hi all. I use a GPZ 7000 at the moment. I will be looking at the new 6000 early in the new year. I spoke to a supplier today asking if the mains charger for the 7000 is compatible with battery for the 6000. WAS TOLD NO, as the 7000 mains power transformer supplied is 18 volt not 12 volt.
      Looking at both systems firstly the 7000 series.   Tansformer   input 240 volt- 0.7 amp    output  output 18 volt- 1.67 amp
                                                                                        Goes to BC 10 cradle   input 11-30 volt  23w max   output  8.4 volt- 2 amp AND  5 volt- 0.67 amp
                                                                                        The battery states 7.2 volt  total capacity 72Wh
      Now the GPX 6000                                                 Transformer  input 240 volt- .5 amp Max   output  12 volt- 10 amp
                                                                                       Trans plugs directly into battery   input 12 volt- 1.0 amp?  output 7.2 volt- 42Wh
      What this tells me is Minelab have produced a new detector which uses the same voltage to run as the 7000 but the charging components are not compatible between the models. Should be.
      The new 6000 uses a reduced capacity battery (weight issue?)which  does not last the full day, then you need a spare which you cant charge with mains power until the original is fully charged in about 5/6 hours. After a big day in the field I cant stay awake to swap the batteries so I need another transformer as well?
      I am told by the Dealer though you could use the two car power leads as they are connected to a 12 volt car battery. Cheers sturt
    • By Skookum
      I had something strange happen, today. I had my GPX 6000 battery fully charged and fresh off the charger.  It had completed its charge cycle and then trickle charged overnight.  I popped it in the detector and started detecting. Within five minutes the battery meter dropped from three bars to two bars.  If I turned off the detector and let it sit for a 5-10 minutes and then turned it back on, it would go back up to three bars for a short period of time before then going back to two bars. Has anyone else noticed this with theirs?
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Newbie here.  So I'm getting ready to train my customers at Rye Patch, NV and many will have their new GPX-6000's.  Here is my question for those of you who have learned.
      Yes I've seen the video with the gator clips to a 12V vehicle battery, but what they don't say is for how long does it typically take?  Will it run a battery down in the winter cold of NV?
      We'll be out there off the grid for 3 day and some of us much longer.  I'd like to get those have already figured out the timing and or a new way of charging the battery.
      Funny thing is my 1 Ton diesel can charge my GPZ-7000 and my Equinox 800 with no issues and even when the truck is turned off.  I just plug into the outlets provided inside the truck dash.  My 1/2 ton gas truck only charges when the truck is running and as soon as I turn it off, all chargers go off as well.
      Your help is needed so I can try and prepare my customers.
      This salty dog is still learning new tricks on the GPX-6000... with your help that is.
      Thanks in advance.
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      Official Minelab instructional video
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      I'd like another...anyone know where to buy? 
    • By faststop
      What batteries are compatible to White's  spertum dfx e-series 800-0284 ?
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