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Tarsacci, Compared To My Orx

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What i have found out is the Tarsacci out performs my ORX in ground littered with trash, and in depth of detection, I buried a penny only 7 inches deep and the orx could not hit that penny ,du to small bits of iron and other metal in the ground , the Tarsacci pounded that penny, and i have done this test in two different spots, its noticeable very much so . and today i found a spoon at a solid 14 inches deep  . but i would say my ORX is better at i,d, on iron and bottle caps  also today i got a false on a 7" bread tie using the Tarsacci.  but over all the TAR has power and you know it and it delivers


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    • By Kaolin washer
      i found a bunch of Gold ring s white gold , yellow gold ,small and large, from 12k to 14 k on the tarsacci i got a lot of bouncing around on the numbers in 6.5khz and almost non at 18khz most of the rings come in at 04--05-06-07-08 anyone noticed that as well ?
    • By JCR
      I finally had a chance to get out with the MDT 8000 again this afternoon. I hunted a different area that is not so heavily iron littered. This was my first chance to run Mixed mode for any length of time. It is much more dynamic & telling than straight Disc mode. I was able to call the big iron & small trash just fine. Dug some nice period targets including an unusual Flat button in very good condition. It is classed as a Patriotic/Political button in Albert's book; PC106A. A pretty neat find for around here.
      Still learning the MDT & playing with Ground balance & Salt balance. Today was 12kHz,  Sens 6-7, TH -3, Disc +30. Not clean ground by any means but only 1-2 nails per sweep instead of a half dozen. This is sticky Red clay with plenty of natural Iron oxide, GB in the high 800's to mid 900's.
    • By Dug2gld
      Again the tarsacci finds the deep brass today in a colonial site. Love the machine.  Old stuff including a thimble at about 15 inches down.  Having an issue with the pinpoint button sticking though. Anyone else have this issue??  
    • By Kaolin washer
      I am in a spot i have gone over at least 5 times with the ORX, and the ground went silent. Dont think I dont like the ORX, when i go to the park and sports field you cant beat it .But like i say when i got to the site today I took some advice from a guy who said put the Disc at between 27-and 30  so i set it at 29 and i just was amazed that the ground just lit up . things at 9 inches no problem good signals and deeper . my settings used are .  6.4 khz in mix mode, gain of 7 and 0 threshold, black sand mode on and salt balance at 43,  and this machine just starts devouring the ground ,  I spent my stimulus money on it and dont regret doing so as its made in U,S,A and it went to help an American citizen.   the thing with holes in it was 18 inches deep and i left more in the hole. i was tired of digging deep holes for the day . and i forgot to say i was not digging as many nail false s. so what that guy said must be working

    • By Dug2gld
      What settings does everyone else use under the big electrical wires.  The tarsacci wasn’t bad with interference as the deus was in the same area.  But I put the black sand on to get it to quiet down some. Would I be missing targets with these settings? 

    • By Kaolin washer
      Got back to the old homestead i have been hunting, and by far the thing i find the most of is shot gun shells, in fact i found a cash of of them buried about 9" deep , I think a red squirrel buried them  must have been 15 of them , but today I went over the same spot the ORX went over and just kept finding targets, . I keep digging some nails, because i find so few good targets like silver coins i really do not know the difference from a nail false, and a silver coin so i have dug my share of rug pullers,  but the Indian did have a better sound and higher numbers 14-17 and i found it by rechecking a hole the ORX found one in  I am using 6.5 khz and 7 gain and 0 threshold and it will hit with a good signal in air a dime at 11 inches so its got some power . the Indian looks like someone went after it with a sharp punch of some kind, otherwise it was in extra fine condition

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