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Plantar Fasciitis, Or🤬!! My Heel Really Hurts!!

Joe D.

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   More or less the same for me! Acts up out of the blue in one foot than sometimes hits the other! Luckily it hasn't been at the same time! 

   Unfortunately, it seems to be a more common problem, than I thought!

    In any case, only a minor setback when put into perspective of possible ailments we could get! But thanks for all the suggestions and support from everyone!!👍👍

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   That's a great "Bush Fix" Tv! I'll save that for next time it happens, for some immediate relief! Mini roles of duct tape are a travel necessity, wherever you are!! Great for a temp fix of a broken coil tab, and many other items too!!😁👍👍

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9 minutes ago, Joe D. said:

i roles of duct tape are a travel necessity, wherever you are!! Great for a temp fix for broken coil tabs too!!😁👍👍

Astronauts even bring it with them lol


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I’m in the Plantar Fasciitis club as well……..tried many things before finally seeing a Podiatrist. The first thing she noticed was a severe “heel strike” in my gait. I’ve been working on this to lessen the heel impact and to get more of the initial landing towards to the front half of my foot. It has improved a great deal already but I have to be aware of how I walk or the old style will creep back in.

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