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Garrett 24k Maiden Voyage


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Bravo phrunt, That's a great looking detector too. Looks like Garrett has the gloves off for the fight now. 👍

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Outstanding post Steve and one I'll print out and read over a few times and even take it with me next time I go to this area, I took it to this spot knowing it was up for a challenge and I was hopeful I'd find gold I'd missed with the other detectors that all struggle here on these green schist type of hot rocks.  I'd previously done a post requesting help with the GPZ struggling on them when I originally found this scrape and detect spot and with JP's advice was able to tame them a bit, but they were always still a problem.  I had the 24k handling them quite like the GPZ was with minimal settings adjustments.

I basically ran the machine as a beginner first time user and managed to get it working to a point It found me gold by adjusting very few settings and was very happy with the results so even though the settings are there when you're comfortable using them and have a better understanding of the detector it really can be used on as a switch on and go detector and perform very well. 

Now I'll start to experiment and learn about the settings and adjust it to get even more out of it.   To say I was happy with it is a bit of an understatement, I was very surprised how well it did.

Having the settings the 24k has will be invaluable in these challenging areas and for me to get 6 pieces of gold there was rather odd, I'm normally lucky to get one and often go home empty handed.

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Great report, Simon, and congrats on finding a 0.1 grain(!) 'grain' with a 6"x10" coil.  (I don't think that even qualifies as a picker, it's so small.)  Of course we all (and obviously you in particular) hope for much larger ones.  😉

It's gotta be a plus to have a detector which can be fitted with either a DD or a concentric (or Mono in the case of PI's) as the conditions warrant.  I'm glad White's and Garrett never forgot that.  It's going to be very interesting to watch as Garrett and NEL/CORS produce more coils for this detector and detectorists like you and Steve H. figure out how to maximize their use.

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Yes, coils can make or break a detector I think and it's really great having both Concentric and DD to choose from. 

It's great finding bigger nuggets but I get a real thrill out of finding the tiniest pieces, it's really exciting to recover the really small ones, the challenge of it is a real thrill.  I think I get just as excited about very tiny bits as I do bigger ones as the technology to find them is just mind blowing.

The smallest one was so small if I was to breathe on it I'd lose it.  I had to be so careful putting it on the coil at the end of the day for the total photo as the wind had picked up a bit 🙂 The only way you can pick up bits that size is to wet your finger so it's weight is likely less than what the scales say as I'd wet my finger to put it on the scales, the water on it had to add a fraction of weight when the bit is that small in the first place.

Garrett Search Coil Tech Sheet

About Search Coils by Dave Johnson

Search Coil Field Shape by Dave Johnson

Coil Basics by Carl Moreland

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I added some coil links to your post above Simon. The short story is this. The concentric hit the hot rocks harder because that is what it does - hits harder. Not good where you have hot rocks, but it also does mean where you can use the coil, it has extra punch. And if anyone reads the tech info above, they will see that a DD coil is more likely to call ferrous items non-ferrous, especially flat steel. So a concentric has better properties in trashy areas.

Can't wait for NEL to produce the 3.5" x 6.5" Snake DD coil for the 24K. That may be a perfect coil for the machine, especially as it has been especially hardened for use without a scuff cover. When chasing the tiniest bits I do tend to run my coils naked! :laugh: Seriously, it's halfway all about how close you can get that tiny bit to a coil winding that makes the difference in mild soil. And scrub, scrub, scrub!



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Great info by all of you.The X-terra 705 had tracking offset over 10 years ago.A snake size coil in both concentric and in DD would be  nice. Garrett has a 3 by 7 coil mold they used for the  infinium.Steve did a report on that coil.My 4by 6 dd whites coil is not smooth like my concentric so i will get a snake coil for it. I need  a epoxy coil for my  GMX for the water.Simon you do need a snake coil for the terrain that you hunt with all those rocks.Also Steve should  have the smallest nugget  of the  month award contest. I also bet that for every gold bug 2 that is sold today there are 100 24 k's sold.

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    • By tvanwho
      I almost threw out this tiny gold nugget while panning cons, thought it was a trash rock, but it caught my eye for some reason.Held it up close to eyeball and it was golden metallic yellow, NOT sand, and bounces an inch when dropped in my gold pan. I got it sluicing gravels with my home made electric 18 inch long sluice/banker, like 10 feet from the creek where I found a gold gravel deposit with my map dowsing . About the size of 2 pinheads side by side, dime for comparison, casts a shadow in gold pan...  came from central Indiana near Attica....

    • By karelian
      Only a matter of time before these start to ship out in Australia. Full credit to Garrett for doing a better job in marketing and sales, they are moving fast. Now available for sale in Australia.
    • By LuckyLundy
      We had a 3 party hunt scheduled Condor, LuckyLarry and myself.  I set sail East Bound and down on I-80 to Rye Patch from Reno.  I texted the Boyz and received a text back from Condor that his Truck was sick and couldn’t make this trip!  Well just meant more Rib Eyes on my dinner plate!  LuckyLarry, was on his way from Elko to Rye Patch and the timing was perfect he followed me in to our camp site!  Temperature Gauge was a solid 97 at the 3 O’Clock hour.  Larry, hunted out here in the Hey Days of Rye Patch.  He was just learning Gold Detecting back then and scored many nice nuggets!  But, ended up being a Top Notch Relic Hunter.  That’s how we met.  We met on the Internet with me needing some old Relic’s ID.  He was my go to guy to tell me the history of anything I’d dig up in the Goldfields of California.  Of course, I avoided these extra trashy old camp sites and would pass the location to Larry for his Relic hunts when he traveled to California.  We set up camp and hopped into my RZR Buggy into the heat to swing our 6000’s on my old patches.  Finding left over nuggets that our older models missed, but the heat!  Had to hit a 100 before some clouds moved in to cool things down!  Them clouds had rain and in front of them was the wind.  Headed back to Camp to beat the rain, as I left my Trucks Windows half open which was the way the wind and rain was blowing in.  Made it back to camp wet Windows up with a gust of wind that had to be over 50 mph.  Well early to bed with showers on and off and the next morning with more rain to heavy to detect in which gave us time to eat some cookies and for me to remember where some more old patches where at to swing on.  Gone for 4-Days with 2 1/2 days of good detecting!  We ended up with 20 Dinks each!  Two Lucky 🍀 guys with plenty of smiles for our efforts fighting Mother Natures last blasts of Summer!  I figure I’m now about 80% done with having the 6000 over our old patches in Rye Patch.  I’m sure we left gold in the patches we hunted for further visits…never can get them all and every day is a different day!
      Until the next Hunt!

    • By Bishop
      really hard hunt. got in the wash at 6am very few targets over the first 1/2 mile.
      on some bedrock i got a bit of a waver in the threshold, after moving it i could tell it was small.
      i called my friend over to recover it with the monster, so i could keep moving.
      it was about a 1 grain bit. it was about 930 and it was starting to look like a skunk day.
      started moving very slow maxed out on manual with the threshold wavering i got a repeatable signal
      that i would have missed without headphones on. got down to 6 inches in the crack and it got loud.
      flipped the coil to slide in to the crack and it got really loud. 2 more inches and it was out.
      very nice 9 grain nugget. stuck the coil back in the crack and there was another target a nice 7 grain nugget.
      after that i found 2 more small ones and my friend got a few small bits with the monster.
      over all a nice day. 19 grains or like 1.2 grams
      im saying 8 inches, but it might have been a bit deeper. my scoop is about 12 inches, see pic.

    • By Tony
      Not sure if this has been covered before but I’d love to know how the Garrett 24K can handle heavily mineralised ground such as that found in Western Australia. Looking for fairly shallow nuggets amongst eye popping amounts of old iron trash targets. Yep, I’ve tried the Minelab PI machines with small DD and mono coils but I nearly threw myself down a mineshaft such was the frustration. I’m thinking a 6” sniping style coil is the way to go.
      Thanks for any advice,
    • By phrunt
      I've wanted the 24k since Whites released it, it was all too hard to get with Whites and their very limited worldwide distribution, Garrett is making that easier and has a much larger distribution network around the world so the 24k is becoming more accessible now than it was.   I had this one sent from the USA to get it quickly as the New Zealand dealer isn't likely to have any until next year, although I think that'll change when they start getting people asking for them 🙂
      I was pleased to see it came with rechargeable batteries to get me up and running fast, a good brand too being Duracell AA NiMH.
      So a few photos.... starting with the box.

      Whites fans will be pleased to see all the references to Whites on the box.

      That looks like Steve's scoop to me 🙂
      And the box contents

      The charger and car adapter, lighter socket to USB adapter and also a power socket with various countries that is like a phone charger really, it just converts the AC to DC 5v 2.1 amp USB power, so you can use any USB charging adapter that can output the 2 amp's to charge your batteries. The charger will also charge on a common 1 amp USB port, it's just going to be slower.  Very handy as I can charge the batteries in my Caravan or anywhere really with USB charging.   The charger can also charge AAA batteries as well as the AA's required for the 24k, quite handy.
      The 12v alligator clips charger to lighter socket is very good quality too, nice thick cables and inline fuse.  Even the little lighter socket to USB is a good quality product, came in a little package showing it's got a 2 year warranty.  It's made by Aukey and has 2 x 2.4amp USB ports on it for fast charging.

      The charger has Micro USB and USB-C support, so you can use your phone charging cable if you've got one of the many Android phones using Micro USB and forget to bring your Garrett supplied cable.

      This is the batteries inside the mounting box that slides up into the back of the 24k.  They're easy enough to put in there.

      The battery box has a nice Whites logo on it.  You'll see I've already used the little plug they supply to cover over the headphone socket, Good to keep the dust and weather out and I'll likely leave it in there forever.  The speaker on the 24k is excellent, nice loud volume so I see little need for headphones unless I'm next to a loud river or something detecting.

      The screen's nice and big, easy on the eye, every icon and bit of writing is oversized, quite good for people that need glasses I would guess.  The buttons are nice and easy to use and you'll note they left the Whites logo on there. 

      The coil's nice, I haven't weighed it yet but it feels light as a feather, and the detector is very well balanced with the batteries under the arm cuff, I've never used one of the Whites detectors with the box under the arm cuff, but I'm seeing how nice the balance is with this style detector.  Garrett also supplied little feet to stick onto the bottom of the box so you're not resting the plastic box directly onto the ground, quite a good idea as I generally hunt in very rocky areas.  One thing I noticed almost straight away as you don't have to put effort in when you put it down to prevent it from falling over, it naturally wants to sit upright. 🙂

      And the back of the control pod, again another Whites logo

      I think they've done a good job paying homage to Whites, while also putting their own touches on it, a very impressive detector.
      Now for the meat and potatoes, I took it down behind my house to the river and fired it up, I had no idea what I was doing as I'd only used it for a few minutes but I took a couple of videos comparing how it was operating compared to my Equinox with the Coiltek 10x5" Nox Coil.   Take these videos with a grain of salt, I've spent 5 minutes using the Garrett 24k but I found it very easy to use and understand, it can just be a turn on and go detector by the look of it.  It handled the ground well, and I was very happy with the sensitivity of it,  I absolutely can not wait to get the smaller coils for it, especially the concentric coil.

      I had put the Coiltek 5x10" Nox coil on the Equinox so it was more like comparing apples with apples and tested both detectors on a small #9 lead pellet.  The 24k certainly had the edge on air test depth.
      The ground performance seems excellent too, I love how quiet it runs, the threshold is very smooth, it's also interesting you can run it right next to the Nox with no interference for either detector, both run fine right next to each other.  The build quality of the Garrett seems excellent, the shaft nice and solid and nothing feels flimsy.
      In this video I take both for a little walk around showing how they handle this difficult ground that's covered in hot rocks.  The 24k was completely free of knock sensitivity, something I'm going to find very beneficial with the areas I hunt being rocky.   Both detectors have their settings maxed out, the Equinox is on 25 gain.
      Now I've got to get the batteries charged up so I can use it properly, at least they had enough charge in them from the factory for me to take it for a test run.  We are in a 2 week Covid lockdown at the moment, we are expected to come out of the worst of it on Wednesday so hopefully I can go find some nuggets with the 24k soon, judging by my first impressions of it I am sure I will be able to achieve that quite quickly.
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