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Garrett 24k Maiden Voyage

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Great write-up and loved the pictures, I am glad that it is something that you will get a lot of use out of.

I know that some people in your part of the world thinks that the only real detectors are made in Australia.

Just goes to show you that some good things are made in the USA.

Thanks for sharing and taking us on the hunt with you. Good luck on your next hunt and happy hunting.

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20 hours ago, Dances With Doves said:

Great info by all of you.The X-terra 705 had tracking offset over 10 years ago.A snake size coil in both concentric and in DD would be  nice. Garrett has a 3 by 7 coil mold they used for the  infinium.Steve did a report on that coil.My 4by 6 dd whites coil is not smooth like my concentric so i will get a snake coil for it. I need  a epoxy coil for my  GMX for the water.Simon you do need a snake coil for the terrain that you hunt with all those rocks.Also Steve should  have the smallest nugget  of the  month award contest. I also bet that for every gold bug 2 that is sold today there are 100 24 k's sold.

Yeah, track offset is not new. My V3i had it and there are others. Frankly I’d rather have an outright manual adjustment, but this does the same thing. Auto to get you 99% there, then offset up or down to do what a person would do with manual. I often bump 1 notch positive as I find many detectors ground grab to neutral, and I like to run slightly positive. Like my old Gold Bug Pro. I would ground grab, then bump up once with manual.

I owned the very first Gold Bug 2 sold in Alaska, and owned and used that detector longer than any other model I’ve ever used. I still consider it with the 6” coil to be a superb small nugget machine. However, pushes frequency so high at 71 kHz that it suffers on large gold at depth in bad ground, and time has proven the 45 - 50 kHz range to be a better balance of performance on all gold sizes under a wider range of conditions. That’s why Minelab went 45 kHz on the Monster instead up trying to set a new frequency record. But the Bug 2 is a tiny gold killer, no doubt about it. The problem from a dealer/retail perspective is it is a very old, fully manual machine.

The number one problem I had with selling Gold Bug 2 units as a dealer was people simply would not take the time to learn how to run them properly. It’s not hard, really, but it seems it is for lots of people. Ground balance and false signals tripped them up every time. Having a ground grab or tracking option is a near necessity now, and Minelab believes this so much their new machines all have full time tracking engaged whether you like it or not. I think that’s fine, but I still like the ability to lock as at least an option.

So I agree, the 24K will easily outsell the Gold Bug 2 at most dealerships. The machine is poised to have the best coil selection possible in very short order, and for me that’s a huge thing for gold detecting. And realistically, the $679 price in the U.S. equipped with rechargeable battery system is a great price for anyone. The only machine in the ballpark really is the NM Gold Kruzer, a good detector, but one that model never seems to have taken off. It had some coil knock also in early units, though I’ve not kept up on how they are with newer coil.

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    • By Slimpickuns
      Had another good month hunting the low tide wet sand slopes at a few local beaches. Some large surf eroded out a few areas, lots of black sand and lots of targets! Spent half the time in "All-Metal" and half in "Tone Mode".  For me, tone mode comes in very handy when weeding out those annoying pesky tent stakes when there is an abundance of them on the beach. I ran stock settings for tone mode and it worked out great at one of the beaches I was working that was littered with tent stakes!  The find of the month was a nice 14k LeVian ring, the surprise find of the month was another gold tooth crown, which makes my 3rd for the year! Acid tested it and confirmed it's 18k. I see Compass found one recently too. You would think the cremation process would completely melt the crowns into blobs, I guess the heat doesn't reach that point? Anyway it was a fun month. I went out recently after the oil spill for a night time negative low tide hunt, beaches were pretty sanded in unfortunately. I did encounter some tar blobs on the beach, but I always wear muck boots when hunting the wet sand anyway so I had no issues with oil on my feet. I was surprised to see a surfer out in the night time waters and also someone walking their dog on the shore..
      So totals for the month were:
      10k - 2.1 grams
      14k - 15.7 grams
      18k Dental Gold - 4.1 grams
      925 - 3.65 oz
      Thanks for looking, GL & HH out there!

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Video on it's way soon, I promise.

    • By RedDirtDigger
      Just sharing an appealing little alluvial worn twinned crystalline nuggie i detected today. (3.6 grams NSW Australia. 7000 with the NF coil)

    • By Jennifer
      A friend is here helping me while I recover from arm surgery…  I’m running the Kubota and we’re pushing in my front yard… within 100’ of my front door.  Well done Mark…


    • By alaska detector
      It’s been a year of not doing what I want to do when I wanted to do it due to delays on work and home projects, i.e. little time for prospecting. So when I had an unexpected free day yesterday that coincided with a weather window I jumped at the chance to get in one more day in before things freeze up solid for the year.
      I went back to a spot in a canyon where I had detected a picker a month ago, and started swinging. I got a loud signal right away and started chopping into the frozen ground with a rock hammer. Thinking it was another chunk of rusted iron I wasn’t working too enthusiastically, but to my shock there appeared flat 1 gram nugget buried in the tiniest crack in the bedrock. I’ve never found anything bigger than .25 of a gram in this area so I let out a choice expletive did a happy dance. 
      Not far from where I found the nugget, I got another good sounding signal in the slate bedrock on top of quartz seam and started hacking away. I was having a hard time pinpointing where the signal was and kept digging deeper and wider into the bedrock, fortunately it was decomposing, but it being frozen made it harder. After spending a half an hour working on this new slate quarry of mine I was surprised when our popped another 1 gram nugget. Omg, best day ever.
      It was getting below freezing so I was considering packing up but checked the hole before moving on and was surprised with another clear signal. I expanded the hole and after another 15-20 minutes of chipping away bedrock I had finally moved it. I couldn’t pinpoint it by waving handfuls of broken up rock over the coil so I kept dumping the rock into the pan till I got the signal in the pan. Of course I’d forgotten my rubber gloves so I panned it out in the icy water with my bare hands. When I panned back to hr concentrates there was another 1 gram nugget. What?!
      I was starting to lose daylight so I had to pack it up as hiking out of the canyon on ice and snow in the dark isn’t high on my fun list. Now I have to wait 7-8 months to see else is there!

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