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I Found This Rock That It Looks The Indians Shaped It.

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Appears to be a river rock. They were often used as hammerstones & grinding stones. The various tribes traded among themselves. Materials not native to an area often show up, having been imported, sometimes from long distances.

Here in East Texas, I have found rocks similar to yours that you can see the striations on the flat sides from use. The closest native River Rock is hundreds of miles away. I have also found a nice arrowhead made of Black Obsidian. The closest deposits are in far West Texas & New Mexico. Neat finds.

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I have one just like that, it appears to be some kind of sandstone. It's not as symmetrical. Indian activity is a known fact here, and it's the only rock of its size that was unearthed when they Harley raked my yard.20210915_125728.thumb.jpg.1be4e790568f89547b5071a32bc17445.jpg


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46 minutes ago, Rick N. MI said:

Strange how flat and rounded they are. The rock I have fits in hand.

When the one I have is wet, three equal parallel lines show up. There isn't a rock this size anywhere around, they're even smaller in the river. I'm pretty sure what you have there is an ancient tool.

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You give up too easy.🙂

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Round rocks are a dime a dozen. Usually evidence of shaping includes chipping, or a round rock that has been grooved to tie to a handle, etc. Context matters. Is it is a know native camp area? Is the rock type totally out of place, unknown in the location where found? You need some extra info to jump from “round rock” to “tool”.

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