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Emi, The GPX 6000.... Your Thoughts?


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17 hours ago, afreakofnature said:

In regards to pluging in any coil, you have to do that about 3 times.  Plug it in, screw on, push it in again, screw on further, third time its all the way pluged in tighten up.  I have had to do this with all my coils.  Might be an EMI source if not fully plugged in 🤷‍♂️

Thanks for that!  Just checked mine and it was loose as hell, I mean REALLY loose!  That alone could very well be the culprit that's been messing with my sanity.............

Almost forgot....  My initial question about early mornings might be worse as far as emi goes?  Watched this vid today from Bill S. and towards the end he seems to believe something similar?




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i really hope that fixes it for you. speaking of bill, he posted on his forum that someone found
a nice multi ounce specimen over in lsd last week. its still out there, for those who have the persistence.

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