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MX7 Vs MX Sport

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I was reading another thread and folks were saying that the Land-based MX7 was superior to the Water-proof MX Sport.  Aren’t they just the same electronics and programs in a different housing?



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As far as I know the coils and electronics in the control housing of the MX Sport/MX7 are the same as are the coils and electronics in the control housing of the original 24K/GMX. The battery systems are very different along with the weight and weight distribution.

For me personally, I never enjoyed swinging the waterproofed MX Sport or the GMX. I was okay with the weather proofed MX7 and the 24K. Garrett’s version of the 24K feels even lighter to me and the coil knock problems/super sensitivity issues are fixed.

The almost 1 pound difference between the weather proofed and waterproofed models makes one better than the other for me.

Unless Garrett decides to produce the MX Sport/GMX, parts are going to get really hard to find.

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24K and GMX Sport are same electronics in different housings, share the same coils.

MX7 and MX Sport are same electronics in different housings, share the same coils.

I do not expect Garrett to make any MX Sport or GMX based models, they were short lived models that will soon be forgotten. Sorry if that offends any fans, but it’s just the hard truth of the situation.

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