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Two Odd Silvers...

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Can't find anything on the pendant, your speculation about Comic-Con seems good to me. Could well be silver if it's heavy on it's own. Not much association between aliens, pyramids and Rubik's cubes. 😀 Could be an ignition key for a spaceship tho. 🤔

Nice finds!

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   Definitely an alien spaceship key, model year, 2016 "Super Destroyer"!  Probably lost by a teenage alien who was banned from visiting earth, but did so anyways! Man!!, mom and dad alien are gonna be pi$$ed🤬 when they find out he took their ride!! And that the key was lost, while chasing earth "girls"🐮, again!!!🛸👽👽🤣

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Here's the problem:  the people who know what this key-shaped pendant is are too young to be on this website forum.  Well, those of you who have children (or more appropriate -- grandchildren) can ask them.

Hope its silver.  The other ring is nice looking and also probably a fairly recent drop since the gold plating is still intact.

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The key appears to be 2 or 3 pieces. Is there a mechanism of some sort?

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On 9/19/2021 at 5:26 PM, F350Platinum said:

The key appears to be 2 or 3 pieces. Is there a mechanism of some sort?

Solid one piece of silver.  Just high relief Italian .925.   Not a transformer. 

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    • By mn90403
      My trips to the beach (1/2 mile) have been sporadic lately and my postings even more so.  I just thought I'd show some pictures and ask a 'What is it?' question.
      Here goes:
      This is an interesting 'A' that I found today marked 14k GF and a 925.  Does that mean it is 33% gold with silver?  It doesn't look like gold plating.

      This is men's wedding band that is the first one that I've found in over a year I would say.  It is 5.5g/14k.  Don't men wear them any more?  I don't wear mine but this one fits.  By the way, I found my wedding band on the beach (I used it) and I found a wedding ring that fit my wife (the same night) about two days before I proposed!  We've been married over 7 years now.

      This is some sort of little 'weight?'  If I had to guess I'd say brass but ... It weighs .391 ozt and doesn't match up with any other unit of measure on my scale.  The rusty ring in it means it is probably not as old as I might think.  Does someone have an idea?  It is pretty rough and stretches my imagination that it would be jewelry quality.

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      This chain was all knotted when I found it.  It is pretty well made but I don't know the material yet.

      A Chinese coin that I toasted in vinegar ...

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      A silver chain and HEART which is somewhat correct.

      A 15 year gold and diamond.

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      Australian 50 cents that was down about 14 inches in dry sand area of the beach.

      Gucci Silver

      Wrench earring

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      And finally a stainless cross

    • By F350Platinum
      Hey y'all, been busy out there but not finding much. Got permission to mow one place so that may change. Most interesting thing was a little cat pin:
      Went to one of my original places today, what used to be a racetrack in the 17-1800s. Unfortunately a couple of detectorists spent 3 weeks there every day, and pretty much wiped it out. No one knows what they found. I did get a Merc there in the spring when they turned it.
      I grid searched one area hoping I'd find something, dug some clad (about$1.75) and lots and lots of molten metal, turns out the barn there had burned. Today I got another rein guide, parts of a Rogers silverware spoon, and these things that I wonder if any of you recognize:
      The first one is nickel plated brass and somewhat larger than the next, about 2" across. It is heavy and has a threaded hole, and on the other side has holes for pins and obviously fits something precisely:
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      It has the same threaded hole and less pin holes. I'm thinking rein guide boss, but the threaded holes are conical.
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      Hi everyone. Can someone help identifying this rock? Found it in Northern Morocco and is quite heavy (455 g) for its size. I wasn’t able to find anything similar the internet.
      Thanks in advance for your responses.

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      OK Super Sleuths out there. Image search was a dead end, and thats not unusual.  Looks like some kind of vehicle badge/emblem? Backside seems to be copper. Found in an agricultural field, northeast USA.  I think Gravely tractor uses a capital "G"?  But perhaps farm equipment is a red herring.  Measures approx 3/4" X 5/8"

    • By palzynski
      Hi , 
      A friend of mine has found this US ( identification pendant? ) in a field where was a field hospital during the 1st WW
      Location : France / near Braine / approx 100km North East from Paris . Metal alumininum , size approx 40mm . 
      The soldier name is : WILLIAM S S......   , from Massachussets , unfortunately the name is damaged and cannot be read.
      Found with a Vanquish 340 
      Any help/infos will be greatly appreciated ..

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