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Coiltek Coils For The GPX 6000 - Confirmed!


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I wasn't aware X Coils was making any coils for the 6000 at all until a few days ago when I asked for some kind of comment from them, and you responded.

We ask about these things because we aren't mind readers. Maybe I missed something earlier on the forum when I was away for 3 or 4 months regarding sizes? 

I got told often that there were no issues with 6000 EMI when I posted about it early on. Did that turn out to be the reason bigger coils are infeasible on it out of curiosity?



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I did an entire thread on 6000 X-coils as they were being prototype tested and the sizes that made it through were 8" round, 10x6", 12x6", 15x10" and 12" round, you might have been awol at the time, they're not releasing them for public sale now though.  I don't think extra EMI would be the reason they're not making bigger coils, that's just something that would bother me where I detect.

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Thanks, the picture is a bit clearer now with some 3rd party evidence, seeing as they can't even sell approved coils and have no horse in the race.

After the 7000, it's hard to know exactly what is or isn't possible and what's just marketing at play. Sometimes it feels like pulling teeth trying to cut down to the actual reality of issues with these machines. It's either that or just take it all for face value, which history has shown me is usually wrong when it comes with dealing with corporations.

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I just go to the spots that have the big shallow gold and avoid the the deep little gold spots 🤣🤣🤣

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yes, straight from the horses mouth


The ad was put up yesterday and only 12 people liked it, maybe people aren't too happy with the delays.

July 28 release date, not sure if that's the date dealers are expecting to get them or the date the first shipments leave Coiltek, I've pretty much written off getting any from either of the Aussie manufacturers until late August or even September which in a way works for me, ski season starts to wind up and detecting season kicks in with new coils 🙂

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