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Coiltek Coils For The GPX 6000 - Confirmed!


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Elliptical coils for me please, 6x 8 and 9x14.  Rounds are great for open country, but around rocks and manzanita, ellipticals are the key to my success. 

I hope Coiltek follows Minelabs lead and constructs the coils with a hollow underside to keep weight down.


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Coiltek in no way am I knocking Coiltek coils . I just believe that you Coiltek was not expecting the demand that would be for the 10X5 coil for the Equinox. I do understand that the C-19 hasn’t made the added problem any better by  having to deal with it.

 I’ve had my money down for one and come hell are high water I’ll be here waiting for it.


PS The only thing aging around my house is me . I just had my 39th birthday 41 times.

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Hey Trevor,

  That is great news!  However, please do us a huge favor and allow the US market to get their fair share.  Since Coiltek started selling coils, I have been there with you.  I got only a handful of coils for the Equinox to date, while there are thousands of customers still waiting, most getting them from overseas dealers rather than the US market.  

I just hate to see a huge hype on GPX 6000 coils and we only get a handful to boot.  

Coming from a loyal, longtime dealers and supporter.  Hope you take my honest opinion to heart.


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