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Coiltek Coils For The GPX 6000 - Confirmed!


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My choices for Elliptical coil sizes are; 9” x 6”, 14” x 9”, and 24” x 15”.

For Very Low Frequency (VLF) detectors with high length to width ratio elliptical coils such as Big Foot coils work well for coin and relic hunting. 

In my opinion Pulse Induction (PI) gold detector elliptical coils should have more conservative ratios of less than 1.60 : 1. 

I think conservative ratios provide a good balance between detecting small shallow nuggets and larger deeper nuggets.

If the goal is to detect mostly very small shallow nuggets then higher elliptical ratios of 2:1 or 3:1 in small coil sizes may be desired.

Have a good day,

Elliptical to Effective round coil size.JPG

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I’d like a 12x8 mono (or even a 10x6) elliptical for those FNQ creeks and gullies where I can poke the front of the coil into places the round coil won’t go, and would also like to see something a bit left of field, maybe an 18” round mono or bigger for those vast, open spaces though understand if this can’t be done.


I’m yet to use the GPX17 though so can’t comment on the larger coils for the 6000.

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Thanks for all of the great comments and for the announcement and follow ups by Trevor/Coilek.

I spent the day at a site that is at 11,000 feet altitude where there is not a square inch of flat ground. It’s a mountain side with steep slopes, massive boulders to small cobbles and some gold and extreme mineralization all left by a glacier.  Unfortunately there is also a huge multi wire high tension power line running right through the site. 

The 11” mono was impossible to use on any setting including the lowest setting. The threshold was a mess……Even with the threshold tone off the warbling audio was a no go…….The 14” DD had a placid, smooth threshold and worked perfectly. I am so glad I brought it. However, 14” DD was no fun to swing upside down, on 45 degree slopes or sideways between boulders. 

So, as someone else mentioned, a 10X6” elliptical, especially a DD would be fantastic. Even an 8 to 11” round DD would have been great today.


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On 9/24/2021 at 7:08 PM, NV-OR-ID-CAL-AU said:


The Mono 9x14 and 6x10 would work well in most of my areas. Also a 6x10 DD would really fit into a need i see here in the localized heavy mineralized ground. Let me explain this better, we have a mix of soil types were I detect, some serpentine and some granite/rhyolites. The Mono coils is preferred and fit most needs here in the granite/rhyolite areas, but the Mono coils do tend to false on the serpentine bedrock here. Maybe the 6x10 DD would be a good match for the GPX6000 as it is already very sensitive with the 11” and the DD could maybe balance this sensitivity out with the 6x10 DD, maybe even match the 11” mono sensitivity for matching gold nuggets sizes and also being able to handle the hottest ground located here. We already have a 14” DD and it looses a little bit of sensitivity in comparison to the 11” Mono, so I probably would not purchase a elliptical DD option for that size if I could just use a 6x10 DD coil instead with better sensitivity. I am also curious on how sensitivity on a 6x10 Mono would handle the ground effects, hopefully it can still handle the ground effects and not be to overly sensitive. Don’t get me wrong as I would love to have a more sensitive coil as long as I do not get an overwhelming amount of annoying ground noise.





I would also really like a DD 6x10. I had mentioned a few reasons in the above post, but your situation also adds more rationale to having a smaller DD.

Hopefully these new coils come out as soon as possible and match what the consumer needs reflect in our post.

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I don't have a 6000 but reading threads like this one are priceless to me just for the education included in the commentary...  some of which also applies to my Nox.

Having both Steve and JP 's thoughts on any prospecting subject is eye opening and throw in Trevor with an inside view into Coiltec's thinking.....which reminds me of conversations I used to have with pro audio mfg's engineers which propelled my career like I hope DP will (and is) doing for my MD hobby (OK addiction).

Now throw in all the experienced comments by the rest of our group  ! 

It's all "gold" to me !

This DP forum is the best find I've made since I started detecting back in ,,,well my younger years ! 😉

Thanks to all and one more thing.... My friends all call me popeye and I'm a Detectaholic.

Possibly a crazy one too !!!! Skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh



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Seeing how you're 'listening' Trevor, I'll say one word: Concentric. As the 6000 is designed with DD AND Mono coils in mind, the DD mode will allow a concentric coil to function like all the previous GPX and earlier models. Some experimentation would be wise to trial various sizes of CC coils to determine depth increases on small gold in the 10"-15" coil size range. The DeTech ones have proven their worth for this already. I know there's a minor trade-off with susceptibility to mineralization noise but the increase in depth is very tangible and may provide the 6000 with even MORE performance in the 'small gold' focus which it excels at already. Food for thought....

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