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Mysterious Rock / Mineral

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I got this from beach and I really want to know what it is. Iam literally stumped because I am not getting any clue that what could be this . And one more notable thing is that this rock  is super solid and hard unlike its appearance  16323758879391240416778934896888.thumb.jpg.1f2c95f4e3141b4a868549dd632518ae.jpg163237593629334854114340705923.thumb.jpg.4d15afbabf6247646988cedd3a80deb8.jpg16323759678226790259756831802814.thumb.jpg.8e3534ffea14454fc2efcfbce4ee3045.jpg16323756560405791171779937261760.thumb.jpg.d0a17bcaef9d4bae15578a3c9d1782d3.jpg16323756931134231759215638737937.thumb.jpg.232a86d0d8680023633b574e052eb796.jpg

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Looks like a piece of surf-tumbled basalt to me.


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Rock collectors carry crack hammers for a reason. You need to see clean, unweather surfaces to identify questionable rocks. Only in rare cases does breaking a rock matter, so break that thing n half, and get a clear picture of the exposed surface.

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    • By norseman
      I am digging a pond in SE Virginia, have found no rocks in the area, but hit something large and solid, pumped down the pond and found this rock laying on top of a deposit of dark gray clay. Trying to find out what is made of and if it has any value.
      Thank you

    • By Gem
      Is this a raw sapphire?I got this from a mountain. 
    • By cuniagau
      I dug two silvers today on the beach.  I thought that the ring was gold until I found the hallmark.   The hallmark in not on the inside but instead on the outside and says 925 A2 and weighs 4.1g. 
      The necklace is hallmarked 925 and Italy.  Although the pendant isn't hallmarked, it appears to be silver also.  At first glance, it looks somewhat like a key.  BUT it has an alien head on one side and a pyramid on the other side.  On one edge side it has SD and on the other edge side it has 2016.  Total weight is 21.2g.  I thought that maybe the SD was San Diego and the 2016 being the year.  Maybe Comic-Con?   Attached are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Any ideas on both the ring and necklace/pendant would be appreciated. 

    • By Rick N. MI
      It's symmetrical both sides. It is flat on both sides and the edges rounded.
      I kept it because it looks interesting.
      Could that be a blood stain on the rock after hundreds of years.

    • By Leon_UK
      Hi All,
      I've found some quartz pieces in England with very small metallic minerals (see below).
      It's clear silver / grey colour and looks very different to other minerals I've seen like Galena, Cassiterite & Zinc. There is a history of gold being found at this location in very small quantities.
      Does this look like it could be genuine, or is it possible it's something else like Mica?
      Thanks for any help provided.

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