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Mysterious Rock / Mineral

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I got this from beach and I really want to know what it is. Iam literally stumped because I am not getting any clue that what could be this . And one more notable thing is that this rock  is super solid and hard unlike its appearance  16323758879391240416778934896888.thumb.jpg.1f2c95f4e3141b4a868549dd632518ae.jpg163237593629334854114340705923.thumb.jpg.4d15afbabf6247646988cedd3a80deb8.jpg16323759678226790259756831802814.thumb.jpg.8e3534ffea14454fc2efcfbce4ee3045.jpg16323756560405791171779937261760.thumb.jpg.d0a17bcaef9d4bae15578a3c9d1782d3.jpg16323756931134231759215638737937.thumb.jpg.232a86d0d8680023633b574e052eb796.jpg

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Looks like a piece of surf-tumbled basalt to me.


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Rock collectors carry crack hammers for a reason. You need to see clean, unweather surfaces to identify questionable rocks. Only in rare cases does breaking a rock matter, so break that thing n half, and get a clear picture of the exposed surface.

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    • By F350Platinum
      Hey y'all, been busy out there but not finding much. Got permission to mow one place so that may change. Most interesting thing was a little cat pin:
      Went to one of my original places today, what used to be a racetrack in the 17-1800s. Unfortunately a couple of detectorists spent 3 weeks there every day, and pretty much wiped it out. No one knows what they found. I did get a Merc there in the spring when they turned it.
      I grid searched one area hoping I'd find something, dug some clad (about$1.75) and lots and lots of molten metal, turns out the barn there had burned. Today I got another rein guide, parts of a Rogers silverware spoon, and these things that I wonder if any of you recognize:
      The first one is nickel plated brass and somewhat larger than the next, about 2" across. It is heavy and has a threaded hole, and on the other side has holes for pins and obviously fits something precisely:
      The next one is a bit smaller (about 1-1/2"):
      It has the same threaded hole and less pin holes. I'm thinking rein guide boss, but the threaded holes are conical.
    • By JDM
      Hi everyone. Can someone help identifying this rock? Found it in Northern Morocco and is quite heavy (455 g) for its size. I wasn’t able to find anything similar the internet.
      Thanks in advance for your responses.

    • By Flydog
      OK Super Sleuths out there. Image search was a dead end, and thats not unusual.  Looks like some kind of vehicle badge/emblem? Backside seems to be copper. Found in an agricultural field, northeast USA.  I think Gravely tractor uses a capital "G"?  But perhaps farm equipment is a red herring.  Measures approx 3/4" X 5/8"

    • By palzynski
      Hi , 
      A friend of mine has found this US ( identification pendant? ) in a field where was a field hospital during the 1st WW
      Location : France / near Braine / approx 100km North East from Paris . Metal alumininum , size approx 40mm . 
      The soldier name is : WILLIAM S S......   , from Massachussets , unfortunately the name is damaged and cannot be read.
      Found with a Vanquish 340 
      Any help/infos will be greatly appreciated ..

    • By norseman
      I am digging a pond in SE Virginia, have found no rocks in the area, but hit something large and solid, pumped down the pond and found this rock laying on top of a deposit of dark gray clay. Trying to find out what is made of and if it has any value.
      Thank you

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