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Moving deep down in the concrete jungle, downtown Philadelphia, where there is almost no visible dirt, so I'm downsizing my collection. Guess I'll keep a Rutus and maybe one more in case opportunities arise.

Here are a couple specialized and offbeat machines that would be of interest to denizens of this forum, which is why I'm listing here first.

Pirate "The Black Pearl" basically a "Fortuna" with Bulgarian accent and pirate garb. New in box, pretty much. Quite interesting machine that I never got to use beyond bench testing. $200 plus shipping

Golden Mask 5+ SE-- Two coils. Also basically new in box. $300

Gold Mountain GMT-1650 with 4" coil only. Rare. Was hard to find 20 years ago. SOLD

Discovery Cobra II with two coils--5" and 8", GB and Sens knob mod. Always a fave. SOLD

Have a  couple Tek Mark !s and a Mark 3 from project to modded on White's rod. If I could only have one, this might be the one to keep. eh? Inquire if interested.

Contact me for pics and/or further information.

Location Washington DC. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal preferred.



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   Would love to see pics of the detectors on here!! May move faster that way; and some of us haven't seen those particular units before!!👍👍

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Well, I figure people looking for these old and/or offbeat detectors already know what they are. All of the modern "menu" detectors look pretty much the same in pics anyway!

Check out the many you tube videos on GM5+ SE and "The Black Pearl."That Pirate machine air tests like mad.


If one doesn't already want a Bulgarian knockoff of a well=known Russian DIY machine, a mere photo will not make the sale! See also the many incomprehensible but interesting vids on Russian "Fortuna" or "Fortune" detector. It has some very interesting features. Still trying to figure everything out.

i 'll get some pics of the GMT-1650 CEC. That detector is an oldie famed for unbelievable lack of masking in iron and rusty tin. Blew my mind many times.  Doesn't go deep though. It was a spinoff of the more  common Gold Mountain Cobra. Well known and regarded machine in some circles. Seldom seen...don't think there are too many around. I got mine 25 years ago in Texas.

Hard to sell that item to somebody who doesn't already know it and want it!  Best discussions on the GMT-1650 occurred on JB's old detecting site around 2000 and I saw some of this material archived on the Wayback Machine not long ago.

Discovery Cobra II was hot around the same time frame. JB's was a good place to learn about those also. Closest modern machines are the analog two tone Vistas, Smart + and such, but the Cobra II had far superior disc to the Smart + in my experience. You can crank the Smart + up a little more but the Cobra II was a bit more stable at its designed power level.Somewhat unbalanced and unwieldy but a great detector.

I'm listing thus stuff here because I know that all the hardcore maniacs stop by Steve's site, my target demographic!

I can understand that buyers would like to see pics to make sure I actually have the machines I'm selling and I am certainly happy to provide them on request.





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1 hour ago, J-ROB said:


I can understand that buyers would like to see pics to make sure I actually have the machines I'm selling and I am certainly happy to provide them on request.





You just got a request so get em up here.......!!!!!

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Not sure why these photos are posting upside down!?

Actually, I  would typically mount the Cobra II upside down on the rod as shown (but a bit farther out toward the coil) so that the center of gravity is lower and my trigger finger is closer to the controls.

A great George Payne design, albeit beaten with the ugly stick!

Note the dual range disc on the 1650. At one place I lived in VA, the builders must have spilled a box of galvanized roofing nails off the roof and they were spaced every six inches or so, All machines I had went crazy over that, but the 1650 only made a few extra clicks and pops and actually picked out a few non ferrous targets in the thick of it.

I got the 1650 with a 10"coil, totally not what I would use with this machine, One day I was detecting in Texas and the bottom cover of the coil fell off and blew off a cliff! It is basically a 15kc Tesoro-like circuit and supposedly the old brown Tesoro donut coils  will adapt with the proper connector. Also Garrett Scorpion coils are said to work but might have to flip the phase of the TX winding.

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Forum is set up for left handed photographers, just rotate the phone 180°.

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