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Yellow Waterproof Eq800 Headphones & Tips For Ocean Use

aerospace guy

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I bought these headphones and used them in the ocean last week in the Kauai (up to my neck).The dealer is always busy or on a trip so I thought I'd throw this out there to get some feedback. I had a few instances where the audio cut out completely and I jiggled the cord and it came back. My question is, should the end of the headphone cord have an o-ring like a lot of my scuba equipment does? The EQ800 still seems to work fine so I don't believe any water made it's way inside detector.

                   As to my success ..well let's just say I understand why my dealer goes to Cancun for his jewelry hunts and not where I went where the waves are 3,4,5 feet. I quickly looked for beaches with "breakwaters" that you can safely take children to and I did find lots of coins and 1 silver diamond ring..but man, it was still 'surgey' as heck and not easy to lift one foot up to push scoop into sand while keeping your balance! Anyone have any experience in using the EQ in the ocean? I saw online sand scoops with a "cross" handle (like on a small shovel) where when you scoop you can keep the scoop from twisting sideways...thoughts..usage?The scoop handle would have to be a "breakdown" type to be able to pack for air travel. The scoop I took has a straight shaft that easily turns sideways when scooping.

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Cords on headphones seem to be the weak point.  I too use the Minelab WP phones on my NOX and have had issues with the cord.  I recommend everyone going on a trip to tape a roll of duct tape and some zip ties.  I know this does not fix the issue, but at least you can get through the trip.  I've yet to try any other "aftermarket" headphones that are 100% waterproof yet so if anyone else has used them and how they like?

After returning from trip contact Minelab to get the headphones replaced.

I don't use a handles scoop so hopefully others chime in.

Yes the waves can cause problems when trying to retrieve targets.

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Tony Eisenhower’s phones work well in the water.  I do a couple of things…. I put a nylon sticker over the exterior speaker….. and a bit of Teflon tape on the threads of the headphone connector.   Occasionally take the box off the shaft and check for cracks where those screws connect.  My friend had 2 boxes break off from the torque in the water.  When I pulled mine to return it for dead battery it to had cracks.

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