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Silver From When Forum Was Down

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It's been a while, but I was excited to share a couple silver dime finds from a while back. I found one of the Mercury dimes using the 10x5 Coiltek coil in a VERY iron littered park that has been stripped clean for decades. The other dime was found on a local baseball field in a small section of the outfield. The war nickel is fairly trashed. 2021 is the first year I found Mercury dimes. I do like the artistic nature of the coins.

Equinox, Park 1, 4 recovery, all metal









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Nice Mercs! Shame about the nickel but ya got one. 👍 That's what the 10x5 is great for. Do you like it?

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26 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

Do you like it?

Yes. It definitely has the ability to sniff through the trash better than even the 6" Minelab, IMHO. I have a place in mind, with a good amount of trash, to put it through it's paces. Once I see it in action there, it should speak for itself. I thought I would use it more, but I really have a hard time taking the 15" off due to the fact that it covers so much ground and finds the goods. 

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    • By relic ray
      Ok ok I know, the last time I posted that I found a half cent, it turned out that it was a V NicKLE.
      But yesterday I found an 1852 half cent, except it is a Canadian coin. What's really interesting is that I got out of my car, walked 30 feet, put the coil to the ground, and bang, there it was. This is a rugged hilly and full of trees 1000 acre park. The odds huh!
    • By Kaolin washer
      x35 coil  coin deep  86 gain 2 sweep speed 10.5khzi was in a soccer field just looking for modern targets when up comes an 1891 Indian head penny .

    • By Againstmywill
      Detected for a little over an hour today at a local basketball court with the 5x10 Coiltek on the Equinox 800. There were 29 dimes pulled from the ground with more left there, as my legs were feeling the up-down blues. I was going for coins and ring signals in the 5-15 range. Found one wheat penny, but nothing else spectacular. The 5x10 is like using a laser in the trash-littered grass surrounding the court. Even around a trashcan, the coins were still findable among the pull tabs and foil that miss the can.
      The 5 yen coin was found yesterday at a park; it is worth a whole 4 cents! Takers?
      Park 1, all metal, 7 recovery, 50 tones, 20 sensitivity

    • By F350Platinum
      Went back to the farmhouse today, Chase wanted some detector time so I invited him down. It was a cold morning, 50s and windy but good for the hard work ahead. Chase got there shortly after I did, my first find was a 1990 nickel, and it really didn't get much better. I had to dump my trash bag 4 times, lots of plumbing parts, matchbox car parts again, molten metal and just about everything that gives a false good VDI and tone. Bullet shells, you name it. 😀 The place is getting sort of lean.
      Here's what I got, some of it is interesting:
      The usual clad and memorials, nothing older than 1972. Remains of some kind of brooch with rhinestones, it was pretty mangled but still had 3 stones. A 3 ring bullet flattened, some sort of knob that has a coin edge.
      The most interesting finds aside from the bullet were the aluminum penny token which is about the size of a quarter, and the small brass "E. Faber" fountain pen tip case which contains a small pencil. The token is corroded and broken so that the date doesn't show, just the bottom of the memorial and "One Cent" on the back. 
      It was a fun day, always good to have Chase along. He found some stuff too.
    • By F350Platinum
      Kinda an iffy day today, I was worried it would rain this morning but I drove just outside it to the farmhouse I've been hunting (and mowing). They tilled the field so all the cornstalks were knocked down! This made hunting outside the circle easy.
      Here are the finds, I dug so much trash, most of it was broken Matchbox cars, even a small helicopter. I have dug at least 10 or so cars in parts. Shame, I would much rather dig a coin collection than a matchbox collection. Even dug a Wonder Bread truck! They are everywhere.
      Got the usual clad, all 70's to 2012. 6 wheats from 1911 to 1947. 4 dimes, 3 memorials and 3 Zincolns. I was thrilled to find a piece of Civil War Calvary spur to put in my display box, dug a whole one just like it last time. The brass ring thing is some sort of tack as well.
      The 1911 wheat fooled me, at first I thought I had an IHP, it was so green.
      Best find of the day albeit in parts about 4" apart was the sterling leaf earring. 
      It could be soldered back together, and the screw still works.
    • By PimentoUK
      Here's one for you US coin enthusiasts. A New England shilling, found in a random collection, which also includes a Pine Tree shilling and two 'Continental'  pewter dollars.
      A wealthy family from England, whose ancestors had business with the US in the early colonial days, "discovered" the coin among a random collection of US / British / Spanish coinage assembled by the family in years past:
      Some history of the NE coinage:
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