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Minelab Wireless Headphone Poll - Equinox, Vanquish Pro Pack, & GPX 6000 Owners

Minelab Wireless Headphone Poll  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. If you own a Minelab Equinox, Vanquish Pro Pack, or GPX 6000, please choose the one response below that most accurately describes your headphone usage while detecting. Not all the ways you employ audio, simply what you use most of the time.

    • I use the Minelab ML80 or ML100 headphones wirelessly
    • I use the ML80 or ML100 headphones connected to the detector via a cable
    • I use the Minelab WM08 High Speed Wireless Module with attached headphones or speaker(s)
    • I use the built in speaker
    • I use third party APTX-LL Low latency wireless headphones
    • I use third party regular Bluetooth wireless headphones, not worried about APTX-LL
    • I use a third party wireless speaker or speakers (do not include WM08 options here)
    • I use some other Minelab wired headphones (not ML80 or ML100)
    • I use third party wired headphones

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These poll results will be seen at Minelab, in hope of guiding future product development. Please take the poll seriously, and if you wish, provide extra commentary via the posts section.

This poll is designed to reveal how owners of the Minelab Equinox, Vanquish Pro Pack, and GPX 6000 are using, or not using, the included ML80 and ML100 headphones. Please, only owners of these models should respond to the poll directly, though others are welcome to add commentary via posts. Again, I request you take the poll seriously, and think about answers or commentary provided, as reflecting on the quality of forum membership. Thank you for your time and responses.

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I use APTX-LL Bluetooth earbuds in the Spring, Summer, and early Autumn months when tempetaures are above 50° F and higher, and use my ML-80s wireless during the late Autumn, Winter, and early Spring when the temps are below 50° F and lower. 

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I use third party APTX-LL Bluetooth Headphones, but with modified over ear pads that breath better so don't sweat and I can hear more outside sounds than full over ear pads, the only exception is near loud rivers Etc. or Very High winds. They also work with any detector by using a cheap but very good Low Latency transmitter found on Amazon that has proven reliable.

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The built in speakers mean a lot to me, it's all I ever want to use so it's vital they're good quality and capable of decent volume level and not detrimental to the stability of the detector.  If it's impossible to have an internal speaker the WM12 type solution is acceptable for me but I'd rather it be Bluetooth LL or even better Bluetooth 5.2 with LC3 to be more standardized and better performance anyway so if I did want to use alternative solutions I could. 

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I use SoundBlaster Jam V2 Aptx-LL on-ear headphones. They're light, loud, and leave me with some ambient awareness. I use generic over-ear Aptx-LL headphones in the colder windier months. Many of the places I hunt require me to be quiet.

What I would really like to see are bone conduction Aptx-LL headphones for more situational awareness. I have written a couple of companies, and they seem receptive. I think it would be a great market for their product.

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   While wirelessly, I have been using the Supplied ML headphones some, during past cooler months! I prefer to use the WM08 with wired headphones! I have since bought several variations of wired and wireless headphones to cover several detectors, and stay cooler! Including the Soundblaster Jam V2 wireless, a Tony E. set for water, and beach noise, waterproof wired earbuds, deus, and Garrett wired lightweight headphones that can be worn behind the head, so I can where a full size boonie hat for sun protection, and situational awareness! 

Of course, there is a tradeoff with lighter headphones vs noise reduction! And obviously, depending on what "risks" are around, and the heat index; these are the primary dictators of what I wear! Like soil conditions, and detector selection, everyone's needs are different!!👍👍

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I haven't tried the wireless phones that come with the 6 only because I'm too stupid to figure out the directions how to plumb them up?  To old to go back to college to learn this high tech crap....so corded phones when I need phones, speaker all other times.

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I use the headphones provided with the GPX6000, though will be going to ear buds with an APTX LL receiver when I get the chance. Hot, sweaty ears are a no for me.


The provided headphones work well, with a surprisingly large receiving distance from the machine. Also have a nice crisp, clear tone.

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im really surprised by the poll numbers.
the amount of hunters that don't wear headphones.

12 percent use the built in speaker?
your missing a lot of targets. i would say 20 percent or more.
the small stuff, more importantly the bigger, deeper stuff.
the kind of target/sounds that just make the threshold rise, like, maybe there's something there, i give it a bit of a scrape
and its a target that i would not hear without headphones on.
not to mention the rear facing speaker, on a mellow target when trying to recover it.
the only detector i don't use headphones with is the gm 1000, no threshold.


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      Who has run the sp01 on their  6
      I had a crack , with my cogs as well , but found the cables a pain in the arse ...
      Also with the 6,s headphones on 70% volume on the phones and the detector backed off a tad  I hear the feint murmurs ok I reckon anyway 😃
    • By Dan(NM)
      I had some spare time today and was messing around in the man-cave. I've had a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50X that I had used with the WM08 last year.
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