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Minelab Gold Mining Training?

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I'm on the Minelab website and ran across something quite interesting.  Seems you folks can now get training from Minelab.  Well I personally know everyone that works at Minelab USA and there's nobody who knows all their gold detectors that well, in my opinion.  Debbie has an idea of the recent models and that's about it.  Heck, I feel Minelab needs to worry about training their dealers before they start worrying about customers.  Who knows, maybe I'm missing the boat.


Also,  Is Gold Mining Training is that different than gold detector training?

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The link seems to be pointed at the middle east , north africa , 3rd world etc. ?

So DNA - does not apply - to no America ?


One of these days , hope to be able to take one or more of your classes 😉

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37 minutes ago, Rob Allison said:

Hey Gerry,

  I sure hope, at least on Debbie's sake, they are not having her now train around the US beyond all the other stuff she is loaded down with.  Heck, I might need the training, years ago a random detectorists said you have found thousands of nuggets, but you don't know how to run your detector .... LOL  

I told him it was easy finding thousands of nuggets, I'm eliminating all the iron rubbish and digging all gold using the new "Multi-Pulse Discrimination" mode.  As I walked way, the prospector was messing with his settings for about 30 minutes, I think trying to find that mode :biggrin:


Yea, Rob I noticed that too--- you really should take the training!!!! lololol

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Training on the ins and outs of your detector is important!  Pretty daunting with my first GP Extreme with all them knobs and learning the different tones from my old VLF’s.  7000, is easy to find its sweet setting for the grounds I hunt.  Hardest, was setting Minelabs Harness up to wear so it wouldn’t tire out my shoulder, it’s fine tuned now.  The 6000, is nearly brainless to operate, as long as you have proper coil and swing control.  For the newer Detector Prospector’s, I can see training to start changing.  Besides being trained on the machine it’s going to have to include some Geology/Mineralogy, Topo etc training mixed in.  The 6000, is a great machine and my Crew and I, are finding gold our previous Minelab Detectors couldn’t hear.  We know what ground to keep and eye on to give it a swing for and hour or so.  Gold, is where you find it and every nugget is hard earned taking it from Mother Natures grip.  So, if your new to Metal Detecting for nuggets take note on where gold has been found in your Detecting area and what the ground looks like to help you out on being productive with our great hobby!


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Hey Steve,

  That is surprising to say the least.  I think there are handfuls of great trainers out there.  You know, I think Minelab could get handfuls of very experienced dealers (dealers that actually use the product) along with some great field prospectors and assemble an amazing team of trainers across the Globe.  However, when you toss in dealers that are trying to get the sale vs. really trying to train, this is the problem in my honest opinion.  

This is where I think maybe training should not be held by dealers if Minelab is hosting it.  They probably have the right idea or concept by doing it with independent prospectors that are experienced and well rounded.  

I have no clue who these trainers are, as all the experience prospectors I know are not involved to my knowledge :wacko:


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