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Detech 15" DD Coil For Minelab GPX


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Not much on the new Detech 8" DD. How is the Detech 8" DD on smaller gold compared to the 15" Ultimate Spiral DD? Is the new 8" DD spiral wound also? My experience is smaller coils better on smaller gold. The only reason I ask this is because for some reason there is no info on the Detech 8" DD being more or less sensitive to small gold then the 15" Ultimate Spiral DD. Just wondering before I order could the Detech 15" ultimate Spiral DD actually be the ultimate coil?


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I recently held that specimen. It is much prettier in person, a nice chunk of gold and quartz.

This gold came from a location with very bad EMI. The ground had been detected hard with a GPX 5000 coupled to a NF 17EM  and NF 12EM  which were very noisy due to the EMI. The Detech ran good except at the very worst of the EMI when it was also noisy. Did the coil make the difference in finding this nugget? I think it probably did as the finder is a good detectorist not prone to newbie mistakes or sloppiness when working a known patch. I am considering purchasing this coil myself.

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Any DD coil on a GPX series machine can work in high EMI areas using the Cancel mode, and if the ground is mineralised you can also use Fine Gold, Enhance or Sensitive Smooth timings.

The GPZ 7000 does not have a Cancel mode so will suffer from Mains interference, however the GPZ is heaps better than previous detectors for Sferic noise which is also channelled down power lines and fences.



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In the United States in some areas the Zed may not be the best machine to use even though it is without question the best performing machine in most scenarios. In the area this nugget was found (Southern Oregon) the terrain many times is ungodly steep slopes covered with thick patches of nasty brush like Manzanita and Poison Oak. Due to over 100 years of logging and mining there is very often  bits of ferrous wire and other assorted trash everywhere. This area is very unlike the American deserts or the Australian outback so in these conditions the preference of some miners may be to use a GPX and a 11R DD or 5x10 DD to get around in the brush on steep ground  and have some form of discrimination. The finder of the above nugget only occasionally nugget hunts so does not feel the need to make a substantial investment in the purchase of a Zed. The GPX with its wide range of coils available is a more attractive option for him since he already owns it. DD's for patch hunting then switch to appropriate size monos once gold has been found works for him and for me in these difficult areas.


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