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Batmans Binoculars?

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Well, today I was having a bit of a go with my CTX 3030 and come across a target that seemed odd, it was a big target I knew that with the abundance of Target information the CTX gives and the Target Trace pinpoint is cool.

I dug it out of interest more than anything, I'd never normally dig something like this but it was rather deep and weird, and I think I found Batman's Binoculars?

Does anyone have any idea what this is, it's heavy, solid metal...


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19 minutes ago, Againstmywill said:

Are the two cylinders open on both ends?

Yes, they're hollow tubes.  These photos give a better idea of size.


Maybe it's a part of Alf's spaceship.

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3 hours ago, phrunt said:

I think I found Batman's Binoculars?

I don't think so because Robin borrowed them for the nudist beach.

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   Looks like cast aluminum, I think VL gets the booby prize for his guess! Or did that go to Robin at the beach??🦸‍♂️🤣👍👍

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