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Miracles Do Happen - Arrow 4" X 18" DD Coil From Detech

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I mostly coinshoot with my AT Max, so I'm definitely interested!

But I wonder if the AT Coil will work for the AT Max?

Garrett says all (or most?) of their AT coils are interchangeable among all 3 of their AT detectors. But as for third party coils, they can't say for sure either way. NEL says their AT Pro coils won't work for the AT Max. But according to metaldetector.com, their AT series coils seem to be largely interchangeable among the Max, Pro and Gold.

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Right. Time to get an Etrac.  I wonder which would be best to get one for out of my GBP, T2 or At Gold.... 

This is good news, good on Detech for bringing us the goods

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No price yet, of course, but I gotta think it will be reasonable, relatively speaking.  The White's brand Bigfoot that was compatible with their MXT was selling for ridiculous prices on Ebay after White's discontinued them.  Nice to see the MXT is one of the models that will be supported by this new coil.

I don't think that this coil will fit my detecting requirements, but I still see it as excellent news for the metal detecting world.  And if I decide I can't live without one, my F75 will get a new mate!

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    Thanks Steve!! Awesome news! I'm definitely in for at least one!! I have an original Big Foot for my MXT Pro, but had to pay a premium (Not Ebay) for it! Maybe I can sell it, and get a "couple" of the new ones!! According to your list, I already have three of the detectors they will fit!! Can't wait to see the specs, and demos!!🥳👍👍

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I have the Bigfoot for DFX, which was what it was originally designed for. The figure 8 winding has built in EMI cancellation properties, making this coil actually deeper in some areas than more conventional coils, as it eliminates "silent EMI" issues. But the big advantage is pinpointing. The DFX cuts out the rear half of the coil, so only the front 9" works when you hit the pinpoint trigger. It works so well you hardly need a pinpointer at all. The Bigfoot coil, being a figure 8 winding, has a reversed polarity front to rear. The DFX corrects for this, but the MXT and M6 do not, so you get reversed signals front to rear on MXT and M6. They work, but this takes some getting used to. But for the DFX, it's a real dream coil.

The DD does have a couple advantages over a figure 8. There is a relative weak area in the middle of the figure 8 winding, where the coils cross. The DD does not have this issue, with a consistent signal front to rear. So MXT and M6 users will see an improvement in front to rear signal consistency, no signal reversals, and no dead spot. This polarity reversal would be an issue also for Garrett, Minelab, and Fisher owners also, so realistically DD is the only option for general sales.

Fisher, Garrett, and Minelab users, well, all I can say folks, this is a coil well worth consideration, an option you've not had up until now. It is 4" wide so depth is more like a 4" coil stretched out, not like an 18" round coil. Though it's a little better than that actually - in surface area you are getting more than a 4" round for sure. But really the name of the game here is coverage, and if you get used to one of these for walking a huge beach, sports fields, etc. smaller coils start to seem snail like. Jewelry hunters- just get one!

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On a  hot machine like the gold bug pro that would be a good coil to cover  beaches and big  fields.Would that work on the Bounty Hunter  Time ranger  pro since this  machine is cheap?I have the clean sweep on my Tesoro bandito and it found me a 3/4 oz. 18k   gold chain at the beach.It owes me nothing.That is all that my buddy uses on the beach and he has done good with it too . Being able to use it on a AT pro in the water would be good for fresh drop coverage at busy beaches  .I would  like to see a 18kz. version for the x-terra too. I have a At gold and have not used it in the water  since I got the Nox.If they make a coil  for the AT gold  I would get one for sure since I hunt one beach in the water that is 1/2 mile wide and you can walk out about  800' from shore on normal years during the  summer.Over 250 boats will anchor here in the summer on a Hot weekend day.They have to be past the 500'  markers at this time from the shore.This lake has many rich people since it very expensive to have a dwelling on it and it is  over 15 miles long and about a mile wide.The founder of Paychex and the owners of Wegmans have homes here.The owner of Paychex came to my dad personally  and offered him to be a  original  investor in the company since they played cards together and he knew  my  dad had money to invest.Unfortunately my dad declined.Also I hear  Robert Deniro has a home here too.  

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18 hours ago, Dances With Doves said:

Would that work on the Bounty Hunter  Time ranger  pro since this  machine is cheap?

The Time Ranger Pro is a F19 with new stickers, so yes, these coils will work. The coil they list for the 19 kHz G2, will work on the G2+ of course, plus F19, Time Ranger Pro, and all Gold Bug variants except Gold Bug 2.

Coils made for the AT Pro should also work on the AT Gold and AT Max, just like Garrett AT coils work an all the versions. As long as they correctly match the AT spec, that is.

The F75 coils should also work on the Fisher F70 and Teknetics Patriot.

Once you add all the variants up it's a long list of models. Detech should compile the complete list just to be clear for people. For reference, here is the Fisher and Teknetics Coil Compatibility Chart

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Miracles Do Happen - Arrow 4" X 18" DD Coil From Detech

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