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Tarsacci Is A Monster

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I am in a spot i have gone over at least 5 times with the ORX, and the ground went silent. Dont think I dont like the ORX, when i go to the park and sports field you cant beat it .But like i say when i got to the site today I took some advice from a guy who said put the Disc at between 27-and 30  so i set it at 29 and i just was amazed that the ground just lit up . things at 9 inches no problem good signals and deeper . my settings used are .  6.4 khz in mix mode, gain of 7 and 0 threshold, black sand mode on and salt balance at 43,  and this machine just starts devouring the ground ,  I spent my stimulus money on it and dont regret doing so as its made in U,S,A and it went to help an American citizen.   the thing with holes in it was 18 inches deep and i left more in the hole. i was tired of digging deep holes for the day . and i forgot to say i was not digging as many nail false s. so what that guy said must be working


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I have to agree about the tones, id like to have had those Nox tones on this machine.   The ping pongs are good for me coming out of AM to check a target.   We like it pretty simple in the water.  Expanding the digital range beyond 30 for dirt hunters might be an advantage as well .... but then he have to work on having more than one notch lol.   Its definitely a deep machine especially for harsh conditions.


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