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Gpx 5000 Coil Recommendation

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as I already put in another post, I just bought a second-hand gpx 5000.  It comes with the comander 11 DD and 11Mono coils.  I would like if it is possible for a colleague to recommend a coil to complement the ones it brings.  Its use would be to search for coins.  I've been looking at the detech 15 inch DD ultra sensing.  If anyone has used it, what can you tell me about it?

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4 hours ago, Luis said:

as I already put in another post, I just bought a second-hand gpx 5000.  It comes with the comander 11 DD and 11Mono coils.  I would like if it is possible for a colleague to recommend a coil to complement the ones it brings.  Its use would be to search for coins.  I've been looking at the detech 15 inch DD ultra sensing.  If anyone has used it, what can you tell me about it?

Hi, I use a 12.5" DD coil from Detech for coin hunting on beaches. I have not tried it in fields as much, but when I did, it worked fine. The 15" ultra sensing sounds interesting. If you buy one I would be interested in knowing how you like it.

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Saludos Luis!

I own the Detech 15DD Ultra Sensing coil for use on my GPX 5000.  I can say it runs extremely smoothly in both normal and sensitive extra timings in medium to high mineralization areas I've used it.  It was much smoother in difficult ground spots than when using my mono coils.  

This coil is also quite sensitive to small items, both ferrous and non ferrous.  I found many small bits of iron wire and small shards of nails going over old areas, along with a few small lead pieces of bird shot.   I managed to find a couple of 1g+ nuggets with mine at a depth of around 8 inches in a spot with high mineralization where mono coils are not able to run in normal or sensitive extra timings.  These nugget signals were clear and repeatable, though starting to get faint.

I ran my machine with the "iron rejection" setting on a a level of 5 of 10.  When I encountered larger or shallower trash items, the detector blanked out the signal and the few I dug were in fact iron like nails or flat iron.  I found at a setting of 5, small ferrous items would not blank out until within a few inches of the coil.  I did not try higher rejection levels since I tend to dig most targets in this spot, as it has had a lot of nuggets for me.

The coil also pinpointed well for me, even on smaller items as long as they weren't deeper than 3-4 inches.  The main disadvantage of this coil is the weight.  It weighs 1350g and after 2-3 hours of swinging, I rigged up my bungee cord for the rest of my detecting time.  15 inches also makes it necessary to dig wide holes, so that is something to consider in areas with rough terrain or a lot of rocks.  

I've seen a few reports and viewed several videos where relic hunters use this coil successfully.  For general coin hunting, I don't think this coil would be ideal since the discrimination on the GPX 5000 isn't likely to be useful in areas with extreme amounts of modern trash like aluminum or areas with dense iron objects.  


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Thank you very much for the answers.  At the moment it seems that I am going to stay with the 11th DD comander.  When I have more experience I'll see what I do

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The 11" DD Commander is pretty good for coin hunting, of course I'm comparing it to using a VLF but the depth it can get is pretty amazing.

I have the 15x12" DD Commander also, that's a good coil also but I prefer the 11" as it's lighter and the bigger size starts to feel hard work and I didn't really notice a depth difference on coin size targets.

Spend some time on the 11" and see if you think you need anything else, you might find you're satisfied.  It also runs nice and handles EMI pretty well considering.  The ultra sensing Detech might be a bit worse with EMI being a spiral coil and will more sensitive to small targets so tiny bits of junk might be more of a problem.

The Detech Ultra sensing coil comes in mono and DD, they're a decent price too.  I might give one of their DD coils a go one of these days, I'm not interested in buying any mono GPX coils, I've got a great selection of Mono's, it's DD's I'm lacking and I'm starting to get pretty interested in using my GPX as a coin unit with the deep coins around here as it doesn't get used for gold much if at all anymore.

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