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Help Finding Lost Ring....

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Guys I lost a ring in 1981 in a very specific spot in my parents yard when I was 14. I bought a Garret freedom two in about 92 and could never find it. I bought a Tesoro silver about 5 years ago and still couldn’t find it so I thought I needed a detector with a digital readout so I bought a Minelab vanquish. The area I lost the ring in is probably no bigger than 15x25 feet and I have taken probably 150 items out of the ground in that small area nails, screws,, nuts, bolts, coins, tinfoil etc...My parents passed and the house is going up for sale this Thursday. With the Tesoro I usually would set the disc at the iron and then thumb the knob to just pass pull tab and anything that got choppy or disappeared From foil to tab I dug. I bought the Minelab and have used jewelry mode and dug anything that registered 0-25 I dug and to no avail. A lot of times I will get a signal and the signal might be 15 then -3 or minus 4 and I have dug all of those. I have dug so much that their is literally nothing left that gives a clean signal, I am literally now in all metal mode and trying to dig everything, I even called a guy from ringfinders and he said he probably couldn’t find it and didn’t want to look for it. I was a skinny 14 year old when in lost it so it’s. Its not a huge ring but it was big enough to have the letter “R” engraved on the front, I guess it’s called a signet ring. Can anyone on here give me any suggestions as I am not that experienced using metal detectors. The ring is purely sentimental value having been my grandfathers, then my fathers and then mine. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have also searched further out into the yard thinking possibly the mower had flung it out in the yard but still nothing. Help please.

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First don’t panic.  The house is going up for sale as you said.  It is not sold or closed upon.  So you still have a decent time to search for it. Locating a buyer and time for closure normally takes a while.

Next, is there a chance that your parents let someone else detect the yard?  If so, someone else might have found it previously. If not, read on…

Locating a gold ring in a junk filled yard is not an easy task, even for a seasoned detectorist.  It takes time and getting to know the machine, it’s sounds, and other characteristics.  

Since you have several detectors to choose from,  try each detector with some similar gold rings so you can hear the tones each produces.  You can adjust the sensitivity or disc to make sure you can pick up each and every ring.  Choose the detector that seems to give you the best response to the ring closest to yours, but make sure the settings let you detect all rings you try. 

If there is iron in the yard in the form of nails, etc., choosing a detector with a double D coil with the sensitive strip in the center of the coil like the vanquish, rather than a donut shaped coil might help. 

Try searching the area moving in a left to right pattern, then change your direction of pattern 90degrees.  Sometimes this helps.  You’ll have to listen for a tone like the ones you heard when you listened to the reference rings you tested.  If you hear anything like the sound of the reference ring, dig it.  Even if the sound is preceded by an iron tone, or followed by an iron tone.  Iron next to the target could mask the signal (shifting its tone up or down) and make it more difficult to locate. 

I’m sure other detectorists will chime in with helpful suggestions.  

Good luck in your endeavor.  If you find it, let us know.

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We are talking 40 years ago, right?  

 "I have dug so much that their is literally nothing left that gives a clean signal, I am literally now in all metal mode and trying to dig everything"

It's very possible you are not remembering the location completely, just saying.  If you have dug all signals either with a crappy detector or a good one, it's very possible it's not there.  Sounds like you did a very decent job of looking for it.  I have no other good news to pass along, Sorry GaryC/Oregon Coast

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What part of the country are you in? There may be people here that will help you find it.

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There are others that will assist you such as Lostmystuff.com, and local detecting clubs on FB. Where are you located?   

As far as the detectors, work with the one you have the most hours on. The smallest DD coil is a good idea and be sure to keep the coil low as is rubbing the top of the grass and overlap your swings by say 50%. The ring you are looking for is most likely not over a couple of grams in weight. It should be a low number most likely. Slow down and try different directions like Dig5050 said. 

If the grass was mowed with a grass catcher bag there is a chance the ring was sucked up into the bag. If there is a place where the grass bag was emptied I’d check there. If it was hauled away then you may be out of luck. 

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I've been looking for a ring in an area the person who lost it thinks it was lost and haven't found it. It was only 2 years ago, but I'm pretty sure it was kicked into a neighboring cornfield by a lawnmower and may turn up there.

Lost one of my rings a couple of days ago out playing with my dog, found it in 5 minutes with the Equinox.

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Everyone, I appreciate all of the suggestions and I am going to do all of them ya’ll suggested. I just got a couple of rings and went into my back yard and the vanquish locked on at 14-15 on both those rings and rang out like a church bell. I’m going to go back as soon as I can and look again and also push my search area a little further out and maybe grid it one way then back 90 degrees to that sweep. I will surely let you know If I find it. By the way I am in Charleston SC.

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Gary brings up a very good point about the ring that may just not be there.

If your Tesoro has a concentric coil and you set the disc to just above iron and crank that sensitivity up to but not to chatter at all with coil raised it should be in striking range for the ring.

Another thought is it may have been knocked out of that location from a lawnmower or yard cleanup. I would grid off the whole yard. Also check where clippings may have been dumped.

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Hibernia, I see you're a new member, welcome to the forum. Hope you plan you stay, seems like you have a few detectors and some experience. Do a Meet and Greet and let us know more about ya. We hope you find your ring, sounds like a real challenge! And we like pics of finds. 🙄

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      Hi everyone, I wanted to start a new thread so I could update everyone. As you know I lost a gold ring in 1981 and  have been hunting for it for 40 years, here go’s.
      I went out Friday night and Saturday night until 10:00 pm and continued my grid search and marked promising signals with wooden stakes. I went back to the yard Sunday and began digging what I had marked with no luck, it was all junk.
      As I got further and further out into the yard the targets got fewer and fewer and I couldn’t imagine the ring could be that far away so After about 3 hours of searching I moved back up to where I had always thought I had lost the ring, up near the fence.
      I spent another hour or so digging the few questionable signals that were left  and this time using mainly the vanquish and pinpointing with the Tesoro because I have a hard time pinpointing on vanquish.
      I scanned over a spot I had crossed over literally hundreds of times and I got a faint signal of an 8 on the vanquish and occasionally jumping to 9, I circled it and it was faint but solid 8 and the depth gauge had all the segments filled, it was very deep. I used the pinpoint and dug and come up with nothing, I scanned the hole and still had that faint signal so I got the Tesoro and used pinpoint but heard nothing. 
      I decided to dig a little deeper and still didn’t find anything, scanned again with vanquish and still had the signal so I Got the Tesoro and put it in all metal and was able to run sensitivity maxed out. Next I scraped off some dirt off the top so I could get the Tesoro a little deeper into the ground and started scanning and I got a faint/whisper on pinpoint.
      While I was pinpointing I noticed this time the pinpoint seemed 2-3 inches North of the hole I was digging. I plunged the digger  back in the hole and pulled out a shovel or two of dirt and looked in the hole and saw nothing. I pushed the pinpointer into the hole and immediately it sounded off. Now before I go further I want to say that this had happend literally hundreds of times before, maybe only a few times Had they been this deep.
      I stuck my hand down in the hole and grabbed a handful of dirt and when I pulled it out I saw it....for the first in 40 years I laid eyes on the ring that had twirled off my finger so long ago. I can not describe feeling. From the day I lost that ring it never left my mind, everytime I stepped in that yard I wondered where that ring was for 40 years. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I probably dug 300-500 holes  off and on over the years starting back in 1992/93with a Garret freedom two plus, then on to the Tesoro silver then on to the ML vanquish.
      Why was I unable to find until now? I believe I have a better understanding now after finding it. When I started back in 92 I didn’t have very much knowledge and was digging anything that fell between iron and pull tab. Next at some point my mom had dug up a small row of dirt and planted monkey grass right thru where the ring was so I had at least for the last 5 years when I went out there I could not detect there because of the grass, I thought about this maybe 6 months ago and ran over the monkey grass and it all died out, this allowed me to search on top of it. I believe though the number one reason I could not find it is because of what you guys call “iron masking”...I had swung coil over this exact spot literally hundreds of times and dug trash out of it and within inches of it several times, I think I finally cleared out enough for the ring to come through, it is actually much smaller than I remember and a minor miracle I was able to find it at all.
      i want to thank everyone that replied because I did everything you guys said but the number one thing was everyone gave me hope, I was literally fearing that I would never find this ring but the reply’s gave me hope. As you can see from the pics the ring probably wouldn’t get me 20 bucks  at a pawn shop but it is priceless to me, my grandfather was born in 1915 and this was his childhood ring and now I don’t have to live with the regret that I Lost it or wonder the rest of my life what happend to it. One more thing, when I lost the ring I mentally logged in my mind where it fell off and vowed to never forget it and find it one day...after 40 years it was exactly where I thought it always was....right where if fell of 40 years ago. I’m not exactly sure how but the ring was probably 9-10 inches deep. Enjoy the pics. 

    • By Erik Oostra
      It's weird how your luck can change week by week.. Last week started off great with a gold ring and finished even greater with a diamond bracelet.. But so far this week it's been nothing at all.. except a 5 cent piece and a load of bottle tops, pull-tabs and aluminium foil etc.. But this is not what makes it weird, the weird thing is that this week comes at the end of the school holidays and a long-weekend public holiday.. It's been a long time since there's been so many people on the island, you couldn't wish for a bigger crowd.. And yet, nothing.. 😬 
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      I went out tonight to a local football field with the exclusive goal of digging a gold chain. Before going out, I looked on this forum to see what numbers I should be looking for. I came across this (thanks 😊) 
      and used the +4-5 range as my target numbers. I know gold chains can come in other numbers, but I had about an hour to detect. While all the numbers in that range turned out to be aluminum, I ran across a solid 9 and had to dig. While it is not a chain, it's the next best thing. I scanned around the pendant, but all the +1-4 targets were foil and aluminum. I always use Park 1, but tonight for kicks, I used Park 2. Not sure it made the difference, but I have been over that area with Park 1 in the past.
      Park 2, 7 recovery, 17 sensitivity, all metal, 15" coil

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Hunted a fresh drop beach Tuesday, now that they are open all day. Tides were low and water was calm. I was able to get into a area where no one had been and got a 14k wedding band. The other two (10k white golds) were closer to shore, no doubt recent drops... (One scoop) When I dug the first, I said gold but never seen a mark and figured it was junk.. until I got to my car and seen both stamped 10k..  The place was hammered good but there were areas still un-hunted after being open a week.

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