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Porcupine Village Maldon Victoria Australia

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New owners are doing a lot of work to get this happening again. About ten minutes drive from my place.


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Good to hear from you Reg. 

Out of interest, is the location purely a 'from the ground up' build or is some/much of it a local historic township of years ago that has been added to?  

Interesting if it was a town of the gold rush era.  Probably be worth having a detect over with a VLF if the new owners were agreeable to it.  Could dig up some historical items that could be displayed there.  

Cheers  👍

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Thank you for sharing the video Reg, I think it was very interesting.

I hope that I can watch some of the videos from there as they looked nice.

Hopefully they will show what the gold rush days were like.

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This village was created by transporting old buildings from the gold rush era and locating them on the edge of a major shallow lead where the Eaglehawk lead meets the Porcupine lead. Nearby is the old dredge that worked the Porcupine lead. 

The village is very authentic in that the buildings are original even though they have been moved here. A wonderful film set.

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I remember when it was up for sale late last year, 15 acres and 40 buildings or something for 1.7 million AUD, an absolute bargain I thought. 

Here's the news story when it was for sale, has good footage of the area too

Glad to hear the buyer is fixing it up and putting it to use.

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