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Got the tarsacci out today to get things charged up and redoing the zlink wires differently. I love the z link and Garrett headphones. But hate the connector that’s needed.  Wish I could figure out something different for that.  Will be in Culpeper in about 3 weeks for the DIV and will only be using the tarsacci there.  

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Can you elaborate on the connector/adapter issue you are having?  A picture might help us understand and recommend connector/adapteralternatives.  I've successfully used a number of wireless systems with Tarsacci without issue including Minelab and Bluetoith with success. My personal favorite now is the Quest wireless system.  I am planning to also test Z Lynk before DIV.

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The blue connector is what I would like to eliminate.  But don’t see how I can.  I’ll share the link from Amazon where I bought it to show a better pic.  Thanks! 

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My set up for Z Lynk is similar but my Tarsacci supplied dongel has the 90 degree on the multi pin end at the control head. The 1/8 to 1/4 adapter I use is one piece, no wire in the middle. Purchased at a Guitar / music store. They come in stereo & mono. Pretty sure it is the mono version that worked. I bought both to be sure.

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Sweet,can you share a photo of that set up?? Thanks!!

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   Which Garrett headphones are you using? And can you use a flash for those pictures; they are dark and hard to see!! Thanks!!👍👍

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3 minutes ago, Joe D. said:

   Which Garrett headphones are you using? And can you use a flash for those pictures; they are dark and hard to see!! Thanks!!👍👍




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I use the Garrett Z-lynk system too. I initially had the head unit attached to the shaft just below the Tarsacci head unit, but it made the detector a bit nose heavy. I have since moved the head unit to just below the arm rest and the balance is much better

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