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Fisher Cz70a Pro Need Help!

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Hey guys, an older friend of mine has a nice condition CZ70a Pro that he would love to hunt with again after many years but there is one problem:  It is missing the upper shaft/stem/handle assembly.  Apparently the handle broke off years ago and the upper shaft was lost or tossed.  He has the control box and lower shaft.  Yes, I know he could pouch it but he really wants to mount the box on a shaft.  Unfortunately the mount used for this detector was only used on the CZ70, CZ70a and CZ70a Pro.  I spoke to Fisher and they no longer carry parts fo that model.  Does anyone have that the upper shaft/stem/handle assembly they would be willing to part with?

I've attached pix for your reference of what he has left.  Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, I have spoken to Anderson Shafts about possibly making something but if I could find the actual part that would be very cool.

Many thanks,





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Here art some pics of what you are looking for. Unfortunately the handle is the the base.

the small piece is a hip mount.   I know of a person who is very good at designing for a 3 d  printer, I could ask him to design a base plate if you have access to a printer. If you could least make the base plate with the 3 holes to mount to the detector then make it work to attach to a shaft.


7a pro.jpg

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Hey Jim, very intriguing idea that you have there.  Let me run this by my friend and see if he is interested.  Would your friend charge to do this and if so how much?  

Fisher's design was unique but I guess short lived.  From what my friend remembers the handle broke off at the shaft mount.

Appreciate your taking the time to take the pix and respond to my post.


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