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Who Has Had Issues With Their Gpx 6000?

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11 minutes ago, Reg Wilson said:

Jeff, I don't know why there have been complaints about the EMI in regard to the 6000. Is it just the USA or other parts of the world as well? Mine purrs like a kitten, but it has been suggested that perhaps it is the audio system that I use. Is the speaker the problem, or maybe the Bluetooth, neither of which I use. 

It has been suggested that I am just lucky. Maybe, but it seems unlikely.

Reg, I have never used the GPX 6000 external speaker while detecting. I have used and really enjoyed the new model Minelab Bluetooth headphones. My GPX 6000 with the 14" DD coil works fantastic even in my backyard which has my neighbors 70 foot shortwave radio tower to contend with along with a crowded suburb full of Wi-Fi. The 11" mono.......I stepped it off recently........I could not get within 1000 feet of a big power line at a prospecting site. My former SDC 2300 had similar issues. I was able to get inside 100 feet with my GPX 5000 using its 11" Commander Mono using the mono setting. The GPX 6000 with the 14" DD coil, I could walk right under the power lines......go figure.

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57 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I’m not having EMI issues outside the norm in Nevada and  California at least. More like the GeoSense programming loses its train of thought for a bit, detector audio goes nutty, and it takes a couple resets to get it stable again. And even then it’s more like SDC stable, not GPX 5000 stable. I’d not say mine purrs like a kitten, more like spits like a cat! Whatever, it darn well finds the gold.

That's exactly my experience. But while the SDC remains unstable in unfavorable EMI conditions the 6000/11 can stabilize itself more effectively after some work, especially after a factory reset. GC

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1 minute ago, Reg Wilson said:

Lucky to live where I do

Just thinking the same thing Reg  🤣

Give me a home among the gum trees....

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Shush, quiet mate, or we will have all these yank prospectors setting sail for the land downunder. Be warned. Our immigration thugs will not roll out the welcome mat but will lock you up on some God forsaken island forever and feed you on gruel. The welcome mat was thrown on a bonfire some time back.

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