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Who Has Had Issues With Their Gpx 6000?

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14 hours ago, 1515Art said:

I don’t know yet if it’s a problem or not my 17” coil is very touch sensitive pressing it to the ground and also bump sensitive sets it off sounding loudly,

Hey Clark I Noticed the same thing about mine with the 11 inch coil...first time I had it out it ran fine...second time couple weeks later I had it out it was really acting up...the slightest bump would sound it off.... if I even lightly pressed the coil down on the ground it would sound off...if I ever so slightly bumped the coil wire it would sound off... got me to wondering if the 11 inch coil was defective...the next day different ground it purred like a kitten....I did run it in Auto plus mostly the next day...where as the day before I was mostly in manual...I'm thinking these machines are just super sensitive...Merton says it has cheap electronics in it lol...maybe he's right? 


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1 hour ago, strick said:

Hey Clark I Noticed the same thing about mine with the 11 inch coil...first time I had it out it ran fine...second time couple weeks later I had it out it was really acting up...the slightest bump would sound it off.... if I even lightly pressed the coil down on the ground it would sound off...if I ever so slightly bumped the coil wire it would sound off... got me to wondering if the 11 inch coil was defective...the next day different ground it purred like a kitten....I did run it in Auto plus mostly the next day...where as the day before I was mostly in manual...I'm thinking these machines are just super sensitive...Merton says it has cheap electronics in it lol...maybe he's right? 


Chuck, that is pretty much my exact experience with the 17” coil, I couldn’t believe how stable it was and then it got touchy. I wonder if something in the windings has come loose allowing some movement? I was planning to do some coil comparison at the training we can switch coils around and see what happens.


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Well, back out here today and the 6000 is not working it's doing the same as yesterday. Almost forgot, pushed the power button and it wouldn't come on pulled the battery out and put it back in and it came on. Calling Minelab Monday and having a talk about the problems these detectors are having. Two hundred miles in two days and didn't get to detect. Guess I'll help my buddy dig nuggets like I did yesterday. SMH!!!!

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I had some self inflicted issues with my 6 awhile back but thanks to the forum members and some advice it's now working as it should. My areas are trashy and emi can get real annoying so I don't use it much but it's always with me when I stumble onto a less trashy area. The issues I had were solved from advice got here and were loose coil wire and also a factory re-set.  My coil wire was LOOSE as hell at power box.

Today I dug 10 real tiny bits and working hard for them. Took a lunch break and realized I needed to do something different so I thought about an area I'd pounded with the Monster several times digging/raking and couldn't remember if I'd followed the spot up with the 6 or not?  What the hell...I'll hit it again with the 6 as what I'd been doing wasn't going all that well today.  The 6 ran pretty smooth (for a change) and I popped 5 more nicer nuggs so the 6 really added to the 10 previous smallest of bits. Today I was loving the wild sensitive 6 and quite impressed on depth on small nuggs.

So sorry you guys are having issues....if nothing else check that coil cable at the box, it seemingly tightens first few threads...BUT then you need to push cable in a little further...tighten nut some more, and possibly one more time.  Thanks to whomever told me about that as my cable was really loose.....that and a re-set fixed mine right up!!!!!  Oh yeah...59 nuggs with the 6 so far and I rarely use it......

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10 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

As a dealer who sells them and tries to keep up with my customers, I've had a few with issues and would say it is more than the norm.  No excuse at all but I would guess they are having the same issues we are here in the US for keeping people at work.  Just imagine the demand for a new product and at the same time so many people don't want to work don't want to be about anyone and then the Covid protocol kicks in and if someone tests positive, every person around them is sent home.  The reality is there are issues with many companies and products right now.  I would expect this to go on for another 6 months.

My issues with the GPX-6000. 

1) It finds gold so easy, I have to bend over more than I did with the other PI's and that's not good on my bad back I got from swinging a GPZ-7000 for so long.

2) It finds smaller nuggets so easy, I have to actually wear my glasses and filter the dirt.  Now I have to carry glasses.

3) It's so much lighter in weight and better ergonomics, I find myself detecting longer hours and finding more pieces of gold.  You would think this is great, until you realize you didn't get time to relax and have a beer or shot of whiskey with your comrades.

4) I'm finding smaller nuggets with this PI than any other before and sometimes I easily lose them before I get back to the truck.   It pisses me off when I admit (easy come - easy go).

5) I find the external speaker works so well and is so loud I just assume the target is near the surface and then find out it's actually deeper.

6) The detector is so compact, it gets lost in my camper.  Heck I even lost it in my truck one time and actually drove back home thinking I forgot to pack it.  I'm wasting precious time trying to find it.  In days past, the GPZ-7000 would take up the whole passenger seat or half the bed in my trailer.  No more with the 6000, but I might put one of those beepers on it and keep the fob with me.  I lost full size F-350 long bed 4 dr super duty truck one time in a parking lot.  That beeping fob saved my ass.

7) The simplicity of the GPX-6000 is boring my brain.  Who the hell sells a $6000 detector and all you pretty much have to do it hit the power button and a couple others.  How can my brain grasp something I have no control?

😎 Not wearing a big bulky harness anymore is not what I expected.  Now I have nowhere to pack my pick and I have no bungee to get in a fight with each time I bend over.

9) The cost of coils and battery is not inline with a $6000 detector.  A GPX-5000 battery is $441 and this is only $165.  A GPZ-7000 coil is $1000+ and this is less than $400.  How is a dealer supposed to make a living selling accessories.

10) The amount of gold nuggets my customers are finding is the best Success of any high end gold machine in many years.  Now I am getting accused of planting gold and taking pictures of the same gold over and over.  

I'm a Karma guy, just saying.

Minelab,  You ever pull this shit again and I'm done buying detectors.  You could go out of business, me too.

You should get into politics Gerry, seemed more like a promotional post than a negative issue post.. well done....


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Gerry, there is nothing funny about people on here getting defective products. Sure the 6000 has advantages, and I will appreciate those advantages in a couple weeks. Remember the detector and coil sales I sent your way. I am still waiting for the $100 credit you promised in 2018.  How much is the 17" coil? Surely you would apply that credit to that coil. Right?

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    • By Aureous
      Seeing how this topic has numerous mentions across the internet, what are the range of faults exhibited? My nearest dealer is over an hour from me so I don't want to travel back and forth after picking mine up if I get a faulty one. So I know what to look for after collection and field test. 
    • By oldcoinhunter
      My first 6000 was faulty out of the box which they replaced with a new one. I've had the new one for 21 days and probably used it 8 days before it went bad.  When i was boxing it up to ship back i heard something rattling inside of it, not good. In researching i found that they've known them to have major issues since March or April, yet they have refused to address the issue with a production stop or at least look at the different production runs and recall those units. I think when it's all said and done there will be a substantial number of them that are faulty worldwide. As it stands now, Detector Center states that there is a" temporary" 10- 14 day time frame for repairing them. My bet is that it's not going to be temporary. If this failure rate continues there may be grounds for a worldwide class action lawsuit, who knows. Oh, and i owned a business for 40 years. Not a very smart way to run a business. JMO.
    • By Flydog
      I've had a Gold Bug for 5 or 6 months now. Intermittently when I press the "+" button to increase discrimination  it switches into pinpoint mode, will stay there until I release the button and re-press and will then work fine (usually). I've ensured my fat little finger is no where near the pin point button.  Been telling myself its likely just some software glitch, annoying, but I can live with it vs. sending it in for repair.  Part of me says "get it fixed before the warranty expires stupid". Well cooler weather is here and I will be sending it in.
      Just curious if any of you have had the same problem?
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Well my staff/I just finished the season and wrap up of field training for 2021 and our customers...and boy did it go out with a bang and big belly's thanks to Chef Rusty Bucket.  Smoked ribs, Bourbon shrimp in garlic sauce, berry pie and ice cream, smoked Brisket, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos and more.  Wish I would have taken more pics of the food.  As I have said before, the food/drinks/people are part of why I enjoy these trips, as I know the gold will eventually come.
      As many know, Gerry’s Detectors has been training out there at the burn barrel with a few different staff members since the 90’s.   We have been using just about every model of gold detector from the top manufactures as well as coils to see what the best results are.  The comparisons of customers detectors continue to see the improvements of technologies and capabilities which is what we want.  Yes there are times a more expensive detector may not produce the best signal response on that particular targets, but it’s what it is and part of learning.
      Some of what we found most amazing and it’s exactly what I expected would happen during the training at RP.  The gold nuggets being found during the 3 days of class was the most of any session in at least 5+ yrs.  More people went home with actual Rye Patch gold than what my staff/I have witnessed in quite a long time.  The knowledge shared was the same stuff we always go over, but the knowledge retained was higher.  The class size is usually around the same, but the amount of golden smiles of success was better than many yrs prior.  We know the VLF detectors when fit with small coils are going to find a few pickers, but to see the bigger PI machines perform so well and produce such higher %’s of beautiful NV gold was most impressive.
      So lets go over it again to see what my Staff/I observed, in no particular order.  Knowledge of customers detectors was actually retained, smiles of happy customers making the right choice of detectors, the amount of successful customers who went home with gold and the overall numbers of gold nuggets dug by the students.  There is one thing that I corollate all these positives and it’s the new GPX-6000, period.
      Yes we had SDC-2300’s, GPZ-7000, GPX-5000’s and the usual VLF’s in the class being learned by the students and those who were there with the GPX-6000 had the most Success.  But the success of gold nugget finds was just part of the fun.  Ease of operation and simplicity we’ve never seen from a PI Minelab was also most impressive.  The customers were actually not afraid of their detectors.  They didn’t worry if the timing and or sequence of adjustments was correct, as the GPX-6000 is pretty much a turn on and go.  The old way, a big multi page instruction manual (is missing) and now we get a 3 step Quick Start…and it’s true.  1) Turn On.  2) Raise/Lower Coil for 10s, 3) Begin Detecting.  Are you kidding me, no way that can’t be true.  We just paid $6000 for one of the latest technology fine tuned gold detectors in the world and all we get in the box to help learn, is 3 short steps with a combined total of 10 words?  
      Well folks,  it’s all true and so is the amount of happy customers who invested in our training and the new GPX-6000.
      If anyone thinks there was some other reason for the above, please chime in as all indicators are bulls eyed at the GPX-6000.  Overall the trip went exceptionally well consider the 100 yr rain storm that came through while we were down there.  I still love the natural beauty of Northern NV in the fall and the colors on the gold nuggets we dug.
      Hopefully the Spring/Summer class will be just as productive with a group of new enthusiastic customers and more gold being unearthed.

    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
          The new Minelab 17" Elliptical Searchcoils for the Minelab GPX 6000 have been flying off the shelves, definitely high demand.   Due to the high demand, I haven't had much time to use one, everyone ends of taking mine ... LOL
      I haven't seen much larger gold being found at depth yet, but I'm sure it is.  Curious how people and past customers are doing with this new 17" Searchcoil beyond covering more ground quicker?  
      We still have a few left in stock from the last large shipment and more on the way if anyone is still searching for a new "Christmas present.!"  Hahaha 
      Would love to see some pictures or at least hear about any success with the new searchcoil.  
      Wishing you all much success on the goldfield.
    • By billdean
      Each time I try and ground balance my 6000 there is no detectable change. While holding the GB button I pump the coil then move it side to side. It’s like it don’t work. I friend of mine says his does not either. What am I missing? I run in manual mode with the threshold on. The noise cancel works very well. 
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