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Who Has Had Issues With Their Gpx 6000?

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9 hours ago, Norvic said:

Steve H on this the Premier World Detecting Forum has clearly from his first review shown the GPX6000 is a "magic" detector, there is no endorsement better then that in this world, also DP has had many other experienced operators endorse the GPX 6000. Sure there is plenty of negative opinions out there on social media, always has been, always will be.

Well said, Norvic. Having used the 6000 for quite some time now I can say that this detector is without doubt the most sophisticated but yet easy to use detector I have ever come across. I don't question that some unfortunate users have problems due to technical issues with the detector itself. However, I also speculate that some users are not operating the detector correctly, or are in environments where the detector is challenged to begin with, in particular when using the 11 or 17 mono coils. The enormous sensitivity of the technology comes at a price and you need to be fully aware of that. Strict coil control, slow swing speed, not changing coil height while swinging, avoiding bumps, frequent noise cancel and every now and then factory resets work all great for me in concert to avoid most of the issues that I have heard on the forum. I even can live with the bit EMI that the speaker is producing, although I often use the BT headset anyway. Just like Steve said I can hear through EMI pretty well for the most part, unless it really gets too crazy. But this is not different to the SDC or 7000 where you also need to learn how to listed through threshold chatter. SDC users know this very well and so do all the HY/normal/smoothing off users out there. It is always said that the 6000 is great for beginners who want a high end machine. I totally agree with that. But I also believe that it actually takes some experience to "calm down" or trouble shoot the 6000 in case it runs unstable, something new users might not be very familiar with.


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5 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:


Back on topic, as a dealer I too have seen a worrying amount of problematic 6000s, there have been way too many coil failures and DOA units for my liking, far more than the 7000 release for sure. I honestly think COVID has put a wrecking ball through MLs QC, someone in the factory is supposed to be checking all this and obviously isn’t for whatever reason, I feel sorry for the guy at ML HQ who has the job of trying to sort this stuff out. 


I felt really bad when mine was DOA. I thought everyone was going to think I was crazy 😄, as Minelab is a much better company than that. But things do happen, and unfortunately even the biggest companies can not control quality like in the old days.

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7 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

I feel sorry for the guy at ML HQ who has the job of trying to sort this stuff out. 

Takes a guy with the right mindset. I’d love the challenge. An opportunity to make a real difference in the company.  First step: send 20+ units to the US and have them returned for QA.

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On 10/20/2021 at 12:24 AM, Jonathan Porter said:

Best bet for ‘new new’ users is to use the Factory preset Auto with no threshold mode.


Hi JP, what are your thoughts on this issue I mentioned in another thread, it appears that the delta between running thresh and not is a bit too wide on the opening of the front end or audio chain (akin to the squelch set to high on a radio), have you seen this in your dealings? From what I see here, there's a serious risk of a miss running no thresh as you suggested, has this improved?



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Running zero threshold is always going to miss gold no matter how you set it up, if the dead zone is adjusted too high/low (its a timeywhimey thing (DR WHO fan 😂)) then the break through becomes a major issue with the operator constantly being alerted to breakthrough target like signals which gets away from the whole concept. 

The 6000 has a massive amount of headroom sensitivity wise, if a target is within sensible range of the coil then the zero threshold option will bang on it, however if the targets are getting to the edge of detection depth then the signal response will not make it through the filtering. 

I do not advise using zero threshold in the Manual modes, Minelab engineers put a lot of thought and design into the Auto modes so there is a lot more going on under the hood than just turning the Threshold off. I have not had time to watch the YouTube vid sorry will do that later today if I’m no it too whacked form detecting in 39 degree heat. 😞 


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20 hours ago, schoolofhardNox said:

I felt really bad when mine was DOA. I thought everyone was going to think I was crazy 😄, as Minelab is a much better company than that. But things do happen, and unfortunately even the biggest companies can not control quality like in the old days.

Minelab still is that “much better company” they often go above and beyond on repairs and getting things sorted for people, even in some cases long after the warranty has expired. Every issue we’ve seen in our store since the 6000’s came out has been addressed promptly, so don’t think for a second Minelab have slackened off other than it’s a brand new detector release in the middle of a world pandemic. There are always gremlins with any new detector as the factory irons out the manufacturing processes, and as usual Minelab will be there for its customers if problems arise. 

The GPX6000 is still going to become an all time favourite that has set the bar for every other detector that follows, its universal ease of use and outright performance is beyond compare. I spent 4 years of my life doing my little bit to help as best I could to ensure that it was as easy to use as possible for just about anyone regardless of their experience, the power packed behind that light weight simplicity still amazes me. 


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4 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

Minelab still is that “much better company” they often go above and beyond on repairs and getting things sorted for people, even in some cases long after the warranty has expired.


I can vouch for what JP states here from personal experience. Back in November 2008 (I just looked at the receipt, damn time flies), I purchased a 4500 from Steve, his personal machine which left his office in Alaska in working condition, sadly after several trips to the gold fields it became apparent it was not working properly. Knowing it was out of warranty and having nothing to lose, I cracked it open as I could hear stuff floating around inside.... white vibration dampening material and a couple solder balls had broken free in the trip from Alaska to the BC gold fields where I was at the time, the components now being loose on the board and solder floating around caused MASSIVE noise and made it unusable. In the 4th pic you can see a short piece of loose wire etc. It also had some issues with a brown substance that appeared to be possibly leaking caps causing RF leakage issues or solder paste splatter from the flow solder process, you can see one solder ball loose on the board. Overall, as you can see by all the photos, it was a mess, components barely on the board etc and probably never should have left the factory.... but it did and it worked great for Steve and he had no idea of the issues.

I discussed it on a forum we were all on at the time, both JP and Steve helped make Minelab aware of it, I drove it to Seattle on my next trip down (I was commuting between Vancouver, BC and Seattle for Boeing at the time) and sent it to Vegas where Minelab was at the time and it was covered 100%. This item was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY outside warranty, I'd opened it up and shown pictures of my opening it.. clearly they had EVERY reason to justifiably say nick off.... but they didn't.... they were GREAT.. now granted I had some pretty heavy knee cappers standing behind me holding bats in the form of Steve and JP but I was VERY impressed by the way this was handled.... and I've never looked back on being a Minelab owner since then and never will... they will ALWAYS be my NUMBER 1 choice for detector gear, gold or otherwise.

Including most of the photos for those interested in what it looks like inside of a GPX machine but are too smart to take yours apart like I did.. LOL

This was a fluke.... probably the first machine of the day on a solder flow table that wasn't up to full temp yet... the takeaway here is... Minelab owned it, without even TRYING to make excuses or say it was out of warranty for time or opening issues.... and I have rewarded that many times in subsequent purchases and will forever be indebted to both Steve and JP for helping me get this visible to the right people in the firm.
































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On 10/20/2021 at 12:04 PM, Jonathan Porter said:

I do not advise using zero threshold in the Manual modes, Minelab engineers put a lot of thought and design into the Auto modes so there is a lot more going on under the hood than just turning the Threshold off.


Thanks JP, appreciate the response..... great point re man vs aut, I'll have to give it a go more in the auto settings and see how it does.. . feel free to augment your post after watching the vid if you have anything else to add, your opinion is always important to myself and others I'm sure.


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To fill in a missing detail on Jennifer’s saga, I did sell her my used GPX 4500. It worked perfectly for me, but there was a recall out at that time for the 4500 regarding a circuit board issue. I thought I was doing a good thing sending it in under the recall before selling it used, as I sold it to Jennifer with fresh paperwork stating Minelab had just serviced the detector, and given it a thumbs up. I never used it after it was serviced, assuming that it was now ok to sell. The irony here is it was that repair work that left the solder bits in the control box. In retrospect it would have been better if it had never been serviced. Puts new meaning in “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

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      Morning everyone, 
      Had a search of the forum and although there are a few mentions of the 14" DD in various thread content I couldn't find a specific thread for discussion around it. 
      Did a video a few days ago getting a few small pieces of gold and small rubbish at a location I've found lots of small gold in a small area.  
      I know that I like watching videos and many of us often encourage others to do a video of this or that.  I figure that rather than asking everyone else to do it I should probably do some of the hard yards myself!  This is certainly not an advertisement of a Youtube channel and I have no illusions that my production quality or information provided is any better than fairly average  🤣
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      The thing I found interesting about this was that the target shown at 3.55 mins was quite bright in Normal ground mode.  It ended up being no target at all and just a small pocket of really wet clay.  The fact that it brightened up with the DD surprises me.  The fact that it then brightened up quite a bit more in Normal maybe should have alerted me to the fact that it was ground noise and not a genuine target as the difference in signal on small pieces of gold swapping between Difficult and Normal has been quite small.
      Cheers, N.E.  
    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
          The new Minelab 17" Elliptical Searchcoils for the Minelab GPX 6000 have been flying off the shelves, definitely high demand.   Due to the high demand, I haven't had much time to use one, everyone ends of taking mine ... LOL
      I haven't seen much larger gold being found at depth yet, but I'm sure it is.  Curious how people and past customers are doing with this new 17" Searchcoil beyond covering more ground quicker?  
      We still have a few left in stock from the last large shipment and more on the way if anyone is still searching for a new "Christmas present.!"  Hahaha 
      Would love to see some pictures or at least hear about any success with the new searchcoil.  
      Wishing you all much success on the goldfield.
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      Seeing how this topic has numerous mentions across the internet, what are the range of faults exhibited? My nearest dealer is over an hour from me so I don't want to travel back and forth after picking mine up if I get a faulty one. So I know what to look for after collection and field test. 
    • By oldcoinhunter
      My first 6000 was faulty out of the box which they replaced with a new one. I've had the new one for 21 days and probably used it 8 days before it went bad.  When i was boxing it up to ship back i heard something rattling inside of it, not good. In researching i found that they've known them to have major issues since March or April, yet they have refused to address the issue with a production stop or at least look at the different production runs and recall those units. I think when it's all said and done there will be a substantial number of them that are faulty worldwide. As it stands now, Detector Center states that there is a" temporary" 10- 14 day time frame for repairing them. My bet is that it's not going to be temporary. If this failure rate continues there may be grounds for a worldwide class action lawsuit, who knows. Oh, and i owned a business for 40 years. Not a very smart way to run a business. JMO.
    • By Flydog
      I've had a Gold Bug for 5 or 6 months now. Intermittently when I press the "+" button to increase discrimination  it switches into pinpoint mode, will stay there until I release the button and re-press and will then work fine (usually). I've ensured my fat little finger is no where near the pin point button.  Been telling myself its likely just some software glitch, annoying, but I can live with it vs. sending it in for repair.  Part of me says "get it fixed before the warranty expires stupid". Well cooler weather is here and I will be sending it in.
      Just curious if any of you have had the same problem?
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Well my staff/I just finished the season and wrap up of field training for 2021 and our customers...and boy did it go out with a bang and big belly's thanks to Chef Rusty Bucket.  Smoked ribs, Bourbon shrimp in garlic sauce, berry pie and ice cream, smoked Brisket, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos and more.  Wish I would have taken more pics of the food.  As I have said before, the food/drinks/people are part of why I enjoy these trips, as I know the gold will eventually come.
      As many know, Gerry’s Detectors has been training out there at the burn barrel with a few different staff members since the 90’s.   We have been using just about every model of gold detector from the top manufactures as well as coils to see what the best results are.  The comparisons of customers detectors continue to see the improvements of technologies and capabilities which is what we want.  Yes there are times a more expensive detector may not produce the best signal response on that particular targets, but it’s what it is and part of learning.
      Some of what we found most amazing and it’s exactly what I expected would happen during the training at RP.  The gold nuggets being found during the 3 days of class was the most of any session in at least 5+ yrs.  More people went home with actual Rye Patch gold than what my staff/I have witnessed in quite a long time.  The knowledge shared was the same stuff we always go over, but the knowledge retained was higher.  The class size is usually around the same, but the amount of golden smiles of success was better than many yrs prior.  We know the VLF detectors when fit with small coils are going to find a few pickers, but to see the bigger PI machines perform so well and produce such higher %’s of beautiful NV gold was most impressive.
      So lets go over it again to see what my Staff/I observed, in no particular order.  Knowledge of customers detectors was actually retained, smiles of happy customers making the right choice of detectors, the amount of successful customers who went home with gold and the overall numbers of gold nuggets dug by the students.  There is one thing that I corollate all these positives and it’s the new GPX-6000, period.
      Yes we had SDC-2300’s, GPZ-7000, GPX-5000’s and the usual VLF’s in the class being learned by the students and those who were there with the GPX-6000 had the most Success.  But the success of gold nugget finds was just part of the fun.  Ease of operation and simplicity we’ve never seen from a PI Minelab was also most impressive.  The customers were actually not afraid of their detectors.  They didn’t worry if the timing and or sequence of adjustments was correct, as the GPX-6000 is pretty much a turn on and go.  The old way, a big multi page instruction manual (is missing) and now we get a 3 step Quick Start…and it’s true.  1) Turn On.  2) Raise/Lower Coil for 10s, 3) Begin Detecting.  Are you kidding me, no way that can’t be true.  We just paid $6000 for one of the latest technology fine tuned gold detectors in the world and all we get in the box to help learn, is 3 short steps with a combined total of 10 words?  
      Well folks,  it’s all true and so is the amount of happy customers who invested in our training and the new GPX-6000.
      If anyone thinks there was some other reason for the above, please chime in as all indicators are bulls eyed at the GPX-6000.  Overall the trip went exceptionally well consider the 100 yr rain storm that came through while we were down there.  I still love the natural beauty of Northern NV in the fall and the colors on the gold nuggets we dug.
      Hopefully the Spring/Summer class will be just as productive with a group of new enthusiastic customers and more gold being unearthed.

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