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Who has run the sp01 on their  6

I had a crack , with my cogs as well , but found the cables a pain in the arse ...

Also with the 6,s headphones on 70% volume on the phones and the detector backed off a tad  I hear the feint murmurs ok I reckon anyway 😃


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  • mungass changed the title to GPX 6000.......SP01

I had a go with it a few weeks ago at Rye Patch and Sawtooth, Nevada.  The Sawtooth area has some pretty hot ground so instead of turning down the Sens (which in retrospect would be the smart thing) I turned the Sp01 to position 3, which tends to mute the tones a bit.  It made the hot ground a little less chattery and I did manage to find 1 small sub, sub gram scrap of gold.  Since then, I ran the 6000 with the 17" coil in some relatively mild ground, but with a lot of atmospheric EMI from an overhead storm.  I did not use the the Sp01, but ran earbuds directly connected to the machine and turned the Sens down to 4 to mellow out the EMI spikes.  I was astounded at the tiny, tiny gold I found.  Individual pieces won't register on my cheapo scale they are so small.  The lesson for me is I don't have to run Steve's Incredibly Hot settings to find small gold with this machine.

I just purchased the Aventree AS70 to make a wireless connection to the Sp01.  I'll run my favorite earbuds from the Sp01 and based on my last experience, turn down the Sens a notch or 2.  I used the Sp01 with the 7000 a lot and I felt that by lowering the machine volume then compensating with the volume on the Sp01 it improved faint tones.   I hope to get out next week and give this setup a trial run again on the 6000.

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12 minutes ago, Condor said:

I had a go with it a few weeks ago at Rye Patch and Sawtooth, Nevada. 

Fantastic info, thanks Condor.... answered some great questions I had as I prepare to try my SP on my 6, thank you.


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Hey Jen,

You'll need a couple of the headphone adapters to convert the 1/4" headphone jack to 1/8" on the Sp01.  I first ran the Sp01 connected directly to the 6000 with the headphone cord that came with the machine.  I managed to bang that cord at the machine connection point and break it enough to expose the wires.  Not a good start, but I had a spare 1/8" headphone extension cord in my pack.  Over the years I've learned to pack a few spares of stuff that's likely to get lost or damaged.

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1 hour ago, Condor said:

Hey Jen,

You'll need a couple of the headphone adapters to convert the 1/4" headphone jack to 1/8" on the Sp01.

Yup, I think I have about 13lbs of those various adapters etc that I've collected over the years as I've moved Rooster Boosters, JP Boosters, SP's and external speaker across all my machines..... like I'm sure we all do.. LOL.. thanks again C.

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I ran the 6000 first for a while with the SP01 mostly because I prefer hunting with ear buds and I’ve always liked the sound output with using the SP01. It livens and amplifies while filtering as it is designed to do, the downside I think the 6000 was more difficult to settle down causing the chatter to mask faint signals I think. While a slight difference that and the simplicity and really excellent wireless headphones supplied with the 6000 after trying them I haven’t looked back. 

in the picture is how my setup is with the SP01 


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I am guessing Steel Phase 01.  SteelPhase was the nickname and business name of the guy making them.

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Correct.... great  unit , but as I said I love being cord free . ala 6000 >>>>

and after turning down and adjusting the 6 , I don,t feel much is missed with its great wireless headphones ...even though the sp lifts the teenist signal .........

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  • 4 weeks later...

I am guessing Steel Phase 01.  SteelPhase was the nickname and business name of the guy making them.

The SteelPhase name was born from myself and Pat's forum nicks, SteelPat and PhaseTech. 

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  • mungass changed the title to GPX 6000.......sp01

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      Had a search of the forum and although there are a few mentions of the 14" DD in various thread content I couldn't find a specific thread for discussion around it. 
      Did a video a few days ago getting a few small pieces of gold and small rubbish at a location I've found lots of small gold in a small area.  
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