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Does Anyone Know This Man?

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Looks like one of my neighbors, and sort of acts like him.

Since I am still a newbie at this I won't call the guy an idiot as I have almost made the same mistake. I forgot that a pair of tennis shoes I have does have steel toes in them and the detector hit on them a few times.


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A mate and I were detecting Beggary hill when the boys found this slug down by the fence where there were a lot of old tins. It was just off a surfaced area.

The kid that found it was Adam Turner (not Yerner as printed in the paper). His dad was a friend with whom I drank 'moonshine' rum at Wedderburn. Luke Turner had a prospecting shop in Wedderburn and had loaned a detector to the kids for a school project on gold prospecting.

I dropped in one night with a large bottle of Coke for a rum sip when Luke said to me "I've something to show you". He unwrapped the slug from a pillow case. It weighed about 85ozs with a bit of ironstone in it. A nice lump.

Problems arose when the parents of the two other kids got greedy and involved lawyers because it seemed that they did not trust Luke to sell the nugget, which was stupid because Luke had the contacts to get an above spot price for the nugget. Gold brings out the worst in some people.

The end result was a forced sale where the best price was not obtained and the lawyers ended up with most of the money.

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   Great bit of backstory Reg! Thanks!!👌

   Is it me, or does it look like the "kid" on the right may have become an "Andre the Giant" sized adult! Or is the photo's perspective just wonky!!??😂👍👍

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I remember reading about it when the kids found the nugget. Also remember that the Skylab bits and pieces in Western Australia started the electronic gold rush for many of us. Just reminds me I'm getting old. When I read about large gold finds I tend to research the area and look at the type of ground it was found in, helps me focus on the geology and improve my odds of finding the yellow. People have learnt to keep the location of the finds to themselves these days, who can blame them?

wedderburn map.jpg

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