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All The Ladies In The House Say Wo Ho..... (great Female Detectorist)


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2 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

I sold Krissy her 7000 some years back, she is an absolute star. We also provide her with equipment and pointed NuggetFinder her way for some sponsorship as well. A true gem who can show just about anyone I know a thing or two about true grit and determination, nothing but respect for her.  

She deserves support, creating YouTube content whilst out bush especially content of that quality is a VERY hard ask, I was saddened to see her and Mark had gone seperate ways. 😞 Being a lady on her own in the bush doing what she is doing this time of the year just impresses me even more. Get on her channel and give her a thumbs up and while you’re there subscribe as well. 


Thanks JP and thanks for supporting her, I saw your logo on her video and smiled.... I'm a huge fan... I told her if she ever needs a break and wants to fly to Vegas, I'll come get her at the airport, host her and set her up with gear and a detector for some AZ gold... she's a GREAT role model for not just women but for all of us!!!!

Great choice to wear your logo..... great choice!!!!

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Yea been watching them for a while now...she is quick to find the target as she is a skilled gold  detectorist...might need some help on the beach however 🙂


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1 hour ago, Randy Lunn said:

My votes are for Krissy, Peg and Jennifer.

Thanks.. my vote is for all the women AND men out there who never show their gold on the forums... they're the ones who are cleaning up...... 🙂

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Ah Yes,

Krissy always has a smile on her face, and I suspect Jennifer does as well.

Why don't I ever meet women who truly enjoy this sport as they and I do..! ?

I suppose the answer is -- they are as rare as the gold we seek.

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