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Charging The Gpx-6000 In A 1/2 Ton Truck Or A Car/van?

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5 hours ago, MSC said:

Gerry, On Amazon, there is a small power inverter, a Bestek 75W DC to 110 volt car inverter. It plugs into the power port and you can plug in the 6000 battery charger into the end. It is a small "fit into you hand inverter".

Be careful with inexpensive inverters, the cheap ones try to simulate an AC current by using a square wave and they have been known to blow out sensitive electronics and charging units. They should only be used to power AC motors.

A pure sine wave inverter has more of a true AC current. That’s why you see “filtered AC” power outlets on boats and other commercial vehicles for powering computers and other electronics. Pure sine wave AC inverters are more expensive than simple unfiltered square wave inverters.

It would be much better and safer to use the 12V charger instead of the 110 charger with an inverter, as mentioned previously, there is less waste of electricity because you are not converting 12V DC to 110 AC then back to 7.5V DC in the charger.

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As the power require to charge one or two MineLab batteries is small compared to the car/truck battery I would use the ML DC charger from the vehicle  however  the Batteryless Capacitor Jump Starter would be a good backup if the vehicle battery went flat.


....LINK....    For supercapacitor-jump-starters

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