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Whites TDI Pro And Detech Coil


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Today I sold a Whites TDI pro to a customer, we set it up and turned it on with the stock coil and did a few air tests.

He heard that Minelab coils would work and other PI series coils. I suggested we try some Detech coils with the following results. The new 14in Mono Spiral wound ran quieter and air tested a little deeper on coins than the stock dual field.

The little 6in Detech mono was a surprise as it hard and loud on targets for its size.

When the weather gets better we are going to try a variety of the Detech coils and see which are worth having for the TDI, outdoors with more realistic buried targets. I`ll post what we find out.

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I spoke to Pete the Australian distributor for Detech a few weeks ago, and he said he tried the 14" Ultra on the Whites SPP, and said that it performed very well. Any Aussies wanting to know more should get in touch with him. 

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Detech actually makes coils specifically for the TDI. We just tried the newer 14in Spiral and it appeared to perform better than the stock offering.  Does the TDI SL have the same coil as the Pro?  If so would probably work.

Only bet would be to try one at some time before buying.

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All Mono's from Nuggetfinder and Detech fare much better than the TDI stock coil. It's a rather dull one.

Looking forward to hearing how the Ultra Sensing coil works the ground as well as the signal response to your targets when you get them outside.

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I also have just bought a TDI Pro that came with the stocK 12'' DF and 7.5'' DF coils,but i wont be using them as i am looking for extra depth in relationship to hoard hunting for any decent artifact but especially for one site that i have permission on it has produced 20 Celtic gold staters in a very tight radius,this indicates the chances of finding a hoard rather than say a purse drop.

Also have bought 3 new additional coils these being the Coiltek 14''x9'' Goldstalker Mono,15''x12'' Commander Mono,and a Detech 18'' Mono,i wont be looking for small gold nuggets as i am based in the UK and we dont have gold fields but we do have some stunning gold artifacts and coins going back possibly 1000s of years.

The Coiltek 14x9 coil will be replacing the DF coil as the stock coil as its not only lighter but i am finding it sharper on targets and a little deeper,infact its a very nice combination to swing for a all day detecting session,if i am then looking to go slightly deeper in my quest for artifacts or hoards,then the Commander coil will be the weapon of choice,it will be deeper and still be reasonably light,although i would think it would need a harness if used for greater time durations,but initial testing it is looking like a good detector/coil combination.

Then we get onto the BIG fella the Detech 18'' coil,must admit when i bought it from a closing down sale i took into account the cost/usage/reward ratio into account,the reason being these coils can sit idle in a corder gathering dust for a long period of time as its not your everyday use coil,but the cheap closing down price ticked my purchasing decision,was expecting it to be a real heavy bruiser of a coil,but when it arrived i was amazed how light it was,but as it is a Mono then i guess you dont require double the amount of heavy wire as in a DD coil.

Over time and as i get use to using the TDI Pro i will giv e some honest feedback on these 3 coil combinations,2 of the coils will be used alot especially the Coiltek one,must admit i am really pleased with that coil,its a pure pleasure to use,but its still early days and as the weather is turning for the better,then more detecting sessions will come along.

Happy Hunting

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      Today I was watching the web (again) to buy the Arrow for my White's. The only shop I came up with was one in Bulgaria so far. So I tried amazon but had no luck to find the Arrow for the DFX, but came up with this video... and thought it might be of some interest to some of you.
      Good Luck & Happy Hunting
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      I want to make a mono search coil for tdi sl.  Can you help with the search coil values?
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      I have been lobbying for over 6 years - more like a decade - for somebody to produce a replacement for either the White's Bigfoot, or Tesoro Cleansweep coils. These narrow 18" long coils are superb at scanning large areas for relatively shallow targets, making them excellent for jewelry detecting in large fields, and for vacuuming up recent coin drops. They are so efficient at this that some planted coin hunts prohibit them as an unfair advantage. Also great for beach detecting recent drops, relic/coin hunting huge fields, patch hunting for gold nuggets, even meteorites. See my long thread here for details on the subject.
      The short story is that the Bigfoot was a 3" x 18" figure 8 wound coil, specific to some White's models. This design has advantages, but is very hard to make, pretty much a hand made coil. And to really work best, a detector needs to be optimized for it (see additional post below). Barring some process breakthrough, I expected getting this coil back into production to be difficult at best. I therefore also concentrated on the Tesoro Cleansweep design as an option, as it is simply an elongated DD coil, much easier to produce properly in volume at lower cost, and with no oddball operating characteristics.
      I tried to get Nokta/Makro in particular to make these, as they are generally open to new ideas, and I thought, and still think, a detector sold with this coil as stock would be a unique offering that would attract attention. That came to naught, unfortunately. Then, about a year ago Detech contacted me on another subject. I used that opportunity to once again bring up the elongated coils as an ignored market, and they seemed enthusiastic about pursuing it. But then nothing, silence for a long time. I pretty much gave up hope. I was contacted by another old detectorist on the subject recently, and said just that. I had lost the original contact info from Detech, and was resigned to these coils never happening again. And frankly, I have one, so I'm covered. I just wanted so much for others to be able to get their hands on these coils, especially for machines that never had them as an option.
      Well, miracles happen!! I just was notified that Detech is producing a 4" x 18" DD coil that will be available soon (not sure how soon, but they may chime in on this thread hopefully). I do not know the weight or price, but with Detech I am sure that the price will be reasonable. The best part is that it will be for more than one brand of detector. The list I was just provided with:
      - FISHER'S F75
      - WHITES' DFX / MXT / M6
      And so without further ado, let me give you your first look at a genuinely new product for some detectors, the Detech Arrow! One of my favorite all-time coils is the Detech Ultimate series, so I know they make some great coils. This is a niche coil, but one many people crave. I want to give a very personal thanks to Detech for doing this, as it is something I have tried hard for a long time to get somebody to do, and they have granted this old guys wish finally. Thank you!

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      I have been detecting an old home site. I started out with my ORX and the x35 9" coil it found alot of targets, and then kinda went quite, so i grabbed the Tarsacci, with its 12" coal and the ground let up again , and in the one spot the east yard it to went silent, but what gagged me was i was digging down 14 inchesand doing what i call a frontabout 3ft wide and just detecting the dirt i was throwing out of the hole and using a magnet to pull out the iron and going over the dirt again but now i was using the Mackro racer with the 5" coil to do this and it was pulling out lots of non iron targets this way but what caught me off gard was when i went out side of the hole and just for the heck of it started scanning the surface the other two detectors had gone over , i started getting hits, pulling up more shotgun shells and other non iron targets , so the 5" Racer coil was doing somthing the other two could not do . it was getting in between the metal and at a good 6 "  , this took me back because i figured  no way it would do so well but it did and is ,
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