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Treasurer Hunters Court Case

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That's not the way to go.

Here in Europe we are all potential thieves until counterproof now.

So if I find a ring I need to declare the find and wait one Year for the owner's claim, but staying away from archeological sites...

Many questions without a clear answer by the way.

What If I dive in a beach between two archeological sites and accidentally I'm caught near one of them?

How to keep trace of not allowed places without signals?

How to have an idea of where to operate freely if the regional plan is 10years old and not updated?

Meanwhile police and other corps, coastguards included are looking for detectorists without any instruction but to fine and take any instrument in your "unjustified" possession.

What's the justified possession of a metal detector?

What about a professional list of users?What about a national rule for operators?

What about a state permission for salvagers?

Archeologists are blind for an half and poor for the other.

No one cares about recovery's expence but if You find something for them and declare the thing, You risk however the jail.

W T F !!!

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I'm very thankful not to live in Europe! Detectorists should not be on archeological or historical sites anyway! Get permission from private property land owners prior to detecting! Get permit, if required, on state parks and state beaches. Everything else is fair game, finders keepers losers weepers, unless someone has posted the lost item in the area you are hunting.

Very simple!!

Only My opinion, we welcome yours!

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Archeologists have been pushing for this kind of restriction of anyone that is not an Archeologist, or working with Archeologists since I was a kid.

It's all political nonsense that only benefits the Archeologists. It must be nice to have a monopoly like that.

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