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Real Or Fake Gold

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Way to blurry to see what you are talking about.

All I see is a bunch of trash in the water and an old piece of concrete.

What do you think the gold is and where is it at?

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Most likely a bunch of shiny mica flakes going off the second pic.

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Let just say the way you see it glitter in movies, is as far as you can get away from real gold nuggets and flakes. More so in the case of natural gold still in the environment where they were found.

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Take a couple hands full of the material, mix the hell out of it in your pan, then pan it down. The shiny stuff will either be one of the lightest stuff in the pan, swishing all over, or it will stick like glued to the bottom of the pan, and be gold. It will be very apparent which.


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25 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Hit and run poster I guess, never could figure why people post, then don't even check back for the answers.

Posted multiple sites and got the bad news from another one?  Visited here under a different identity (i.e. non-member) to read the replies?   Another not-so-unusual commonality is posting grossly out-of-focus pictures as this thread creator did.  I guess those people don't mind wasting our time while they're wasting theirs.

I wonder how many of those whose initial post is a question about: "what is this?  (Please tell me it's valuable!)"

a) get delivered the good news they're hoping for, that they've found something of value or at least of interest, and

b) ever stick around, becoming at least occasional viewers if not posters?  (I recall a couple who persisted with more pictures of hoped-for valuables, but got tired of being gently told "nice rock-garden specimen; don't quit the day job.")

Is the answer "zero and zero"?

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Yeah , but maybe a few stick around and of course eventually turn into one of us ....

Hmmmmmmm , maybe the ones that don't stay are the lucky ones ???😜



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