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Man Finds Gold Horde With New Metal Detector

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You have to love a story like this. A guy goes into a shop and never having owned a metal detector before buys a new Garrett Ace 150, Garrett's lowest price entry model. He goes out for the first time, digs a couple items, and then finds a gold coin. Not just one gold coin though - he proceeds to dig up 55 of them! Eventually 159 coins worth over $150,000 are recovered.

How is that for beginners luck? And what does he do to top that?



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Geeezzz, , , ,   some beginners have all the luck....   kudos to him.... that's fantastic  


My story is kinda different as well.. Started out metal detecting at 13 with a Garrett Money Hunter TR, my dad had a Garrett BFO and we did ok at parks and volleyball courts.  Gave it up until about 10yrs ago and bought a Tesoro LST, I did ok with it as well, mainly the lake shore of Tahoe, parks and beaches.  


A few years ago I bought a used 3500 and could not put the coil over gold.  I carried that BIG-ole skunk for a couple years.  Learning as I go finding relics and what not, but no gold.  Well last summer I hit an old dump I drove by a lot and finally stopped to check it out.  Within 10min I had my first piece of natural gold and it weighed under a half oz.@(10.2grams) I was stoked. . .   10min later and 5' away I found my second piece weighting just over a half oz @(18.5grams)  I was on cloud 9 for sure.  Nothing like the pile of coins stated above, but for a first find with a metal detector for me personally. . . it was awesome!!!   I continued to work that pile all summer and pulled just over 2ozs out of it.


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