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Fake Coiltek And Nugget Finder Coils

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Buyers need to beware there are a number of shapes and sizes of fake Nugget Finder and Coiltek GPX coils on the market at the moment out of China. The Commander coils have had fakes sitting on Chinese Auction sites for some time however more recently a large range of both Coiltek and Nugget Finder coils have become commonplace among sellers, from 8" to 25" they have them all.  They've always had a few but lately the number of coils available has really skyrocketed.   The Commanders have also the range of fakes available so really buying many second hand GPX coils now comes with a higher risk of fakes.  People buying these coils from China likely are aware they're fake, if not they really should be, it's the people who buy them second hand off someone who bought one from China that I feel sorry for as they're the ones thinking they're getting a genuine coil, and paying the price for it too.    If you're buying a second hand coil from someone, really try and get the purchase receipt to see it's genuine from a real dealer.

They're not being as bold with the advertising with the NF not putting the label on the photos but with the Coiltek they are, the likelihood is the Nugget Finder do have the label on them when you buy them or buyers that request them branded will get them that way, it's not like the Nugget Finder stickers would be a challenge for them to duplicate.

This poses quite an issue for those that buy second hand coils too, as you'll never know if you're getting a fake that someones bought from a Chinese auction site, found it to be terrible in performance and offloading it second hand for more than they paid for it when people are thinking it's a genuine coil so paying the normal second hand market price for it.

This stuff really annoys me so I like to make people aware of it when I stumble across it.

Some photos from the auction site



You'll note 50 orders of that coil from that seller, and all positive reviews, I'm not sure how that happens and I often question if the Auction site ratings are faked.  See the stock levels, 950 pieces available, from just one seller of the many with them.    Note all the different coils he's selling in the colour selection field, the bright blue ones are 8" Commanders, weirdly coloured, but other sellers have them in the standard colours.  Also, to show what they're selling is what you get some of the buyers had put photos of their coil in their review, these are genuine reviews.




Note the guys fake GPX detector box in the background 🙂




A fake NF coil seller, he has various models too.  This big sucker is a 25" mono.


They've even got stock of fake SDC coils.

And the VLF aftermarket manufacturers are also becoming targets, note below a fake Cors Strike coil (Nel Tornado)  It's hard to know about the review system as the fake Nel doesn't have good reviews and only 2.5 star rating unlike the fake Coiltek with 5 star and 31 positive reviews.


So everyone needs to be very careful, not only buying second hand detectors which have many copies available especially First Texas, Whites and Minelab models but also when buying second hand coils, and if someone out there thinks maybe these coils work well, it's very unlikely, and you can bet they're not the quality of the originals too.

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Thank you for this, it doesn't affect me as I only buy NF and I buy direct from Chris at AZO for said coils. I had a defective out of the box 25" DD that I sent back and had a replacement from Chris within a couple days (he sent the new one back right away before getting the defective one back). Your post and my experience has shown me it's always best to buy from a reputable dealer or if used, a trustworthy forum board member if possible. The used NF's I've purchased from members have all been flawless... it's a good community.

I was in Bendigo at a dealers house one day and saw a Chinese clone GPX 5000 and it was crazy how identical it looked.... till you turned it on... LOL

Takeaway... you won't get warranty service like this from a clone/Chinese product.



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Usually if the price is way lower than everywhere else for same coil = BIG RED FLAG.

That old saying comes to mind, if it seems to good to be true it more than likely is a rip-off.

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