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Can The Simplex Controller Be Removed From The Shaft?

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Rick - Dilek cancelled sessions with a number of podcasts which everyone believed would be used to introduce the SMF detector.  They were supposedly cancelled because they were having a few problems with the machines being used for testing so they were trying to make changes, as well as the fact that they were having difficulty getting parts which they had ordered to improve the performance of the new machine.  She announced this in one of her own youtube broadcasts.  She said that when she had something to announce about the new machine she would let everyone know.  Of course, hearing that only lead to people waiting for the machine to start another round of speculation.  I guess we can only wait patiently for her to bring us the news.  It could be anytime from now til the end of 2021 or early 2022.  Time will tell.  Let's hope that we will happily receive the good news sooner than later, as Dilek likes to say.

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It could be even better. Don't know though with not being able to get parts. That's a problem everywhere right now. That can delay things even more. I saw that it supposed to be lighter. Looking forward to see what it will be. I hope it will still have the gold mode.

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