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Big North Carolina Gold Nugget

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Hopefully this link works.  Was said found using a dredge and he spotted it.


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Thanks for posting that Gerry, I had no idea NC had a significant amount of gold deposits, here is an interesting historic reference about it - there still might be some really big lunkers just waiting to be found out there!😉

“The first documented discovery of gold in the United States was in 1799 at John Reed's farm in Cabarrus County, NC. John Reed’s son, Conrad, found a 17-pound gold nugget while fishing in Little Meadow Creek. This discovery started the first gold rush in the nation's history.” 


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I have seen people in N.C. panning and dredging our there before a few years back.

My grandfather and I went to his friends place in the country to do some hunting with him.

We were able to get a small amount in the sluice, and had a little better luck panning soil from the banks.

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