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Something Caught Minelab's Attention

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I received an email (from ML) asking me to go to a link and fill out a survey. The survey mostly consisted of questions regarding thoughts on competitors, Minelab itself, what I'm looking for in a metal detector, and how Minelab could improve.

I have never (previously) received such an email from Minelab, and took it as an indication of several things:

1. Minelab is paying attention to the competition and to the consumer.

2. Minelab sees challenges coming and plans to meet those challenges head-on.

3. Minelab sees room for improvement and is taking steps to make those improvements.

I did find it a bit odd that Minelab's survey included Whites as a competitor, but I suppose that's due to there being a lot of Whites machines still in use. It is possible that ML thinks it possible that Garretts will release machines under the Whites label at some point in the future.

From the USA standpoint it was a bit odd that ML also included Quest as a competitor, but that inclusion makes a lot of sense in other markets (where Quest seems to have a decent share of the market).

Minelab's survey does include Fisher and Bounty Hunter, but no mention of Teknetics. Is that indicative of something, or a simple oversight?

It is no surprise that ML is eager to protect/grow its market share; however I am still pleased in knowing that ML clearly intends to rise to the challenge presented by the competition. That is great news (though expected news) for all who enjoy metal detecting.

I do wonder what caused the survey. Was it the new teaser from XP? The tease from NM? Something else, or just business as usual?

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Surprises me a bit. Generally marketing surveys are VERY up to date.

PERHAPS Minelab has been sooo busy with things and focused on their their own issues / products nobody there noticed White’s closed up shop. 

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As for the Whites related questions. Whites is not forgotten yet in Detector History, they had too much of it, and who knows it may be that if Garrett starts slipping more than it has they may revive the brand.

The truth is Whites for many years was basically in the same position Minelab is now, they had the best technology of the day, and often produced the best performing machines, but lacked up to date marketing, before they lost their Owner and then top Engineers through death and subsequent Mismanagement.

It's possible Minelab sees that parallel history and wants to avoid the same fate. 

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