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Garrett 24k Discrimination Question

Rick N. MI

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How much can be disc out? Just wondering if it can disc out foil and be be used coin & relic hunting. I know it can disc out nails and still hit a 10k white gold earring. So it would be great for micro gold. 

I hope Garrett makes the waterproof GMX in a light weight package. I wouldn't mind it in an AT Gold housing that can be hip mounted.

My hunting is mostly in mild sandy lakes and some relic hunting.

I had a GMX. A powerful detector. I wish I hadn't sold it. Now a light weight GMX would be nice.

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The iron target range is the limit for discrimination. Also, the discrimination function really only silences audio from very small nails and other small iron targets. Larger nails, bottle caps, etc. have broken up audio at the edge of the coil......that's about it. I would use the probability numbers, quality of the VCO audio and hunt with as little iron reject as possible if you are trying to avoid iron targets in "all metal". You can also use the 2 tone mode for a different type of ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination.

This detector will hit some incredibly small targets. 10K white gold earrings should be no problem.

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With the Goldmaster 24K ... you can set discrimination from VDI 1 to VDI 62 .....
With this you can effectively eliminate iron nails ..., and small iron waste ...

  by using discrimination on VDI 50-62 ... you can eliminate certain types of very fine foil from sweetness ,, or very small fine foil .. which will be in the range of VDI 62 ...

... the interesting thing about this detector is the very good ratio of 3-axial sensitivity to low and medium conductive targets ...

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16 hours ago, Rick N. MI said:

Now a light weight GMX would be nice

The 24K is the light GMX. The GMX and 24K are the same detector, just different housings. So you have basically already owned and used a 24K. If you want another GMX, finding a used one is your only bet. There is no reason for Garrett to revive the MXS/GMX housing.

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