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My First Impressions And Tests Of Goldmaster 24K


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I don't know how I missed these two excellent videos showing how the GM 24k and ORX handle iron mineralization/magnetite. Did you try the same with the GM 24k in one tone with iron reject engaged and not engaged and with the ORX in either of its Coin modes?

I have continued to do a lot of testing with the GM 24k, Equinox 800 and ORX. GM 24K and the Equinox 800 have some very advanced features and tech that are lacking on the ORX........

For me, the GM 24k is a super fancy MXT running at 48 kHz.

For a person that wants most of all an outstanding gold prospecting detector with maybe some micro jewelry hunting and incidental coin/relic hunting, the GM 24K is really hard to beat. I would have a very hard time recommending the ORX instead of the GM 24K unless someone really needed the great ergonomics of the ORX most of all. 

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