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I had a nice little surprise this afternoon. Our club meeting was this afternoon and I thought I’d go hunt for a while before the meeting.  I was glad I did. Nothing great but anything thing civil war left there are few  and far between. 

I took the Deus and was using g Max then switching to 6 deep to check the target so nothing fancy just factory settings. There’s a lot of trash as you’d expect in a park. I was just playing but trying to learn if I could get any tell that would help in the decision to dig or not. This particular target sounded not bad but very similar to a lot of the other targets. However this time the line in the graph was better. I said to myself hmmm better check this out. Out popped a three ringer! I’m pretty sure this target had been hit before but nobody dug  it. Just a little extra info caused me to investigate and recover another mini from the 1861 battle here.


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Nice find for sure, it looks like it is in pretty good shape from the photo.

Great job saving the history of that area.

Grandfather found a few of them between Hayti and Caruthersville, if you get a chance check it out sometime if your in the area.

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